Board Minutes Sept. 8, 2011

Senior Academy Board Meeting
Glendale Library
Sept 8, 2011

Members Present: Marge Applegate, William Bosron, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Walter Linne, Rose Mays, Art Mirsky, Rebecca Van Voorhis, Rosalie Vermette, Jeff Vessely.
Members absent: Pat Blake, Nick Kellum, Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand.

Call to Order: President Bill Bosron called the meeting to order at 10.00 am
Minutes: It was moved/seconded (Mirsky/Vermette) that the August, 2011 minutes be approved. Motion carried.

President’s Report:
 Bill reported that Dottie Swinney will retire from her work with the Senior Academy in November, 2011.
The board members expressed regret as well as their profound gratitude for and appreciation of Dottie’s fine support of the Senior Academy. Sue Harrell, Administrative Assistant to Dean Sakhatme, indicated that she will seek a person to take over Dottie’s work for the Senior Academy. In the interim, she will see that help is available. She would welcome suggestions. Anyone who knows of persons qualified for the position should give the names to Bill for follow-up. It is about a 2 days/week job. Issues to be addressed:
o Provision of a suitable computer (if needed)
o Determination of appropriate compensation
o Development of a calendar of responsibilities with Dottie’s help
 Bill, Walt Linne, and Giles Hoyt met with Jena Hill from United Way to discuss options to engage Senior Academy members in the United Way Campaign. It was noted that the Senior Academy (SA) has about 300 members. However, there are about 15 to 1600 retired faculty and staff who are not members of the SA. After some discussion, it was decided that the Board should take the following actions:
o Send an e-mail regarding the United Way Campaign to all SA members and a postal mailing to those members who do not have an e-mail address.
o Include a pledge card and flier for all SA members who receive a postal mailing.
o Include a link for donations for those who receive an e-mail.
o J. Hill’s office should have access to e-mail addresses of all retired faculty and staff. We will request that the United Way Office send an e-mail to them with the link for donations.

Treasurer’s Report:
Leon is unable to be here today. His next report will include both August and September data.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee and Social Committee: Carlyn Johnson/Hariett Wilkins

Carlyn reviewed the programs and events scheduled for this year. Please see the attached list of programs/events.
Carlyn noted that she is expecting a large group for the September “Aging in Place” program. It may require a larger room . Bill and Carlyn will check with Park 100 to see if a larger room is available.
Carlyn also reminded people to let her know if they plan to attend the technology program in October, so that the program coordinators can accommodate those who wish to attend.
There is a need to set the date for the Annual Meeting so that the May overnight can be planned without conflict.

Nominations Committee: Walter Linne

Walt reported that Bill Voos and Rose Mays have agreed to become members of the Nominations Committee.
He requested that people please send names of potential candidates to him as soon as possible. There is a goal to seek a greater balance of faculty and staff as the ballot is prepared.
A ballot will be forthcoming.

New Business:

Old Business:

Letter to Senior Academy Members: Rebecca Van Voorhis
Becky reminded the Board that she, Rosalie, Giles, Art and Bill were asked to draft a letter to be sent to all Senior Academy members to alert them to opportunities to remain connected to IUPUI through volunteer opportunities. The Board also wished to survey the members to determine ways in which they are already engaged with IUPUI, opportunities of interest to them, and ideas that would facilitate increased volunteer activity.
Please see the DRAFT copy of the letter and survey attached to the minutes.
Board members offered ideas and suggestions. The ad hoc group will use those ideas to revise the letter/survey.
 The letter/survey will be sent by both e-mail and postal mail (for those without an e-mail address) to all members of the Senior Academy.
 Giles will look into putting the letter/survey on the web site.
 Bill will check with Dean Sukhatme’s office to see if the letter/survey can be sent via e-mail to all retired faculty and staff.

Web site:
Giles reported that he is updating the web site.

Attached please see the meeting schedule and program/social events planned to date.

The meeting adjourned at 11:27 am

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate

Meeting schedule for 2011

Thursday September 8 Park 100 10:00 am
Thursday October 13 Park 100 10:00 am
Thursday November 10 Park 100 10:00 am
Thursday December 8 Park 100 10:00 am

Note: Park 100 is located at 5980 West 71st St. (Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St)

Programs/Social Events Planned (a work in progress):

September 2011
Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Time: 10:00 am
Location: IUPUI Community Learning Network Facility. Park 100 @ 5980 W. 71st St, Indianapolis.
(Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St)
Presentation: Aging in Place
Speaker: Ann Allen, Director of Indianapolis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)
o The mission of NORC is to provide the opportunity for adults to age in place, that is, to live independently with dignity and security within their own community.
Topic: Ms Allen will share how to organize and operate such a community.

October, 2011
Date: October 11, 2011
Time: 9 am to 12 noon
Location: IUPUI Library
Presentation: New Technologies to Manage Your Life
Presenters: IUPUI Library Staff
Topic: Library staff will guide participants in an exploration of:
 Microsoft Office software suite including: Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point
 A review of LYNDA and its’ uses
 Photoshop
 SKYPE (video telephoning – it’s free!!)

November, 2011 Spirit and Place Festival
Date: TBA
Time: 9 am to 1 pm
Location: North United Methodist Church (38th and Meridian – Indianapolis)
Cost: $6 for lunch
Presentation: The Body and Aging: Exploring the Possibilities of the Older Body/Mind/Spirit
Sponsors: The Senior Academy, the Mid-North Shepherd Center, RSVP of Central Indiana, and the Center on
Aging in the Community @ the University of Indianapolis.
Program: Three programs will be presented in rotation. Details to follow.

November, 2011 Mary Grove is working on an alternative event. The IMA event had to be dropped. A work in progress.

December, 2011 Bernice Hopp
Date: December 7, 2011
Time: TBA
Location: Hollyhock Hill
Event: Holiday Dinner

January, 2012 Carlyn Johnson
Date: January 10, 2012 (tentative)
Time: TBA
Location: Park 100 (tentative)
Topic: Health care costs.

_February, 2012 Marge Applegate
Date: February 14, 2012 (Tentative)
Time: TBA

Location: TBA
Topic: Hearing loss and hearing aids

March, 2012 Nick Kellum
Date: TBA
Event: Dinner at the Den followed by attendance at an IUPUI athletic event (Oakland game suggested)

March, 2012 Golam Mannan
Date: March 30, 2012
Time: TBA
Location: Student Center (Tentative)
Program: The Last Lecture

April, 2012 Harriett Wilkins
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: Indiana History Center
Event: To visit the Kennedy Exhibit

May, 2012 Jean Gnat
Date: May – TBA
Time: TBA
Location: An Indiana state park – overnight event

May, 2012 Date/time pending


Dear Colleagues,
This letter is being sent to find out about your interests in remaining engaged with IUPUI during your retirement. No doubt some of you have been involved in various ways since your years on the IUPUI payroll ended. We are interested in those activities, how you arranged them, and how IUPUI supported you in your volunteer work. For those who haven’t been involved with IUPUI since retiring, we want to know what would interest you in contributing your time to IUPUI.

William Bosron, the current president of the IUPUI Senior Academy, recently received a letter from Uday Sukhatme, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties for IUPUI. In his letter, he expressed “great interest” in having retired faculty and staff engaged in programs and activities which contribute to the continuing growth and enhancement of IUPUI.

To get us started in thinking about how to remain involved with IUPUI during our retirement, Dean Sukhatme provided this list of activities:
 Advise students, especially those who are struggling academically early in the semester
 Advise undergraduate students about professional and graduate studies
 Assist in recruitment activities
 Assist in fund raising
 Mentor faculty
 Mentor students
 Participate in review and selection of Chancellors’ professors
 Participate in review and selection of student scholarship awardees
 Peer review of teaching
 Read and edit grant proposals
 Serve on grievance panels and boards of review

We who serve on the Board of Directors of the IUPUI Senior Academy would like to have your response to the following items concerning ongoing involvement with IUPUI.
Please respond to these 5 questions either on the Senior Academy wesite: (web address) or return your responses
by (add date) to: address………..

1. Will you volunteer for any IUPUI programs or activities? ____ Yes ____No

2. If interested in serving in any of the above listed activities, please circle each above or list below.

3. If you are already involved or have been involved at IUPUI since retiring, please list what you do or have done:


4. If there are ways, other than those listed above, that you would be interested in being involved with IUPUI
programs or activities, please list your interests:

5. What assistance, if any, do you suggest to support those who are retired to be involved with IUPUI activities?