Board Minutes Nov. 10, 2011

Senior Academy Board Meeting
Park 100
Nov 10, 2011

Members Present: Marge Applegate, Pat Blake, William Bosron, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Walter Linne, Rose Mays, Leon Rand.

Members absent: Nick Kellum, Art Mirsky, Shirley Newhouse, Rebecca VanVoorhis, Rosalie Vermette, Jeff Vessely.

Guests: Lee McLaughlin, Marian Rand, Harriet Wilkins

Call to Order: President Bill Bosron called the meeting to order at 10:01 am

Minutes: There was a motion to approve the minutes of Oct 13, 2011 (Blake/Grove). Motion carried.

President’s Report: William Bosron
 President Bosron introduced Lee McLaughlin who has kindly agreed to be our “go to” person and to keep us on target. Introductions were made. Lee has worked in the Library, Integrated Technology (UITS), and the School of Business and brings a wealth of experience to our group. Walt Linne confirmed that she is “tops”. Lee’s office will be in the Fellowship area. She will work from home and come in to the office when needed. Organizing the office and scheduling it for Lee is a work in progress. Welcome, Lee and thank you for joining us.
 Bill reminded us that Dottie’s reception is tomorrow. Harriet Wilkins reviewed the plans. The reception is from 3-5 pm in the Student Center (Senior Academy Room 264). We all hope to see Dottie at many Senior Academy programs and events so that we may stay in contact.
 The Polus Center Project: “The Body” (Spirit and Place Festival – Nov 4-13) was a smashing success. Our presentation in the Shepherd Center co-sponsored program –“Being Fit in Body, Mind, and Spirit”- went very well and was well attended. Becky VanVoorhis gave a great presentation. This is a fine group with which to work and we may wish to collaborate with them over time. They meet every Wednesday and have many programs. We could share communications between our group and theirs about programs that might be of interest to all.

Treasurer’s Report: Leon Rand

 Lee noted that he will be moving to the Evanston, IL area soon. He reminded us of the need to replace him as Treasurer of the Senior Academy. According to the Bylaws, the Nominations Committee must convene to recommend candidates to the Board. The Nominations Committee agreed to meet at the conclusion of this meeting. They suggested that it would be useful to put a call for candidates on the list serve.
 Board members expressed their appreciation to Lee for all of his work on behalf of the Senior Academy both as a Board member and as our Treasurer. Lee introduced his wife Marian to the group. Both Lee and Marian are wished every happiness as they begin this new journey. They are sure to enjoy being near their children so they can engage in family activities even more frequently.
 Treasurer’s report: Leon reported on financial data for August, September, and October, 2011. Please see data below. It was moved to approve the treasurer’s report (Applegate/Blake). Motion Carried.

August/September/Oct, 2011 Report:
Account Balance  in Market Value Investment
Income Contributions Expenses
52: SA Fund $8,029.15 (8/31/11)
$7,768.94 (9/30/11)
$7,437.46(10/31/11) -34.47 Aug
-284.13 Sept
-355.40 Oct

– 757.41 YTD 23.92 Aug
23.92 Sept
23.92 Oct

94.51 YTD 600.00 Aug
0.00 Sept
0.00 Oct

600.00 YTD
70: Returning student Scholarship $49,586.14 (8/31/11)
$47,541.97 (9/30/11)
-270.81 Aug
-2,232.04 Sept
-2,792.00 Oct

-5949.15 YTD 187.60 Aug
187.87 Sept
187.87 Oct

740.47 YTD 0.00 Aug
0.00 Sept
0.00 Oct

70.00 YTD Prior FY Undergrad
-5,000.00 Aug
88: IPS scholarship $41,963.43 (8/31/11)
$40,534.11 (9/30/11)

-197.83 Aug
-1,632.56 Sept
-2044.94 Oct

-4,353.09 YTD 136.98 Aug
137.24 Sept
137.42 Oct

541.69 YTD 44.00 Aug
66.00 Sept
44.00 Oct

218.00 YTD
96: Academic Scholarship $40,697.58 (8/31/11)
$40,697.58 (9/30/11)
$38,074.86 (10/31/11)
-152.81 Aug
-1,259.59 Sept
-1,575.35 Oct

-3,356.28 YTD 105.72 Aug
106.01 Sept
106.01 Oct

418.12 YTD 0.00 Aug
0.00 Sept
0.00 Oct

70.00 YTD Cash adjustment
Prior FY Undergrad
-4,000.00 Aug

-1.23 Transfer fee Oct.
Checking Acct. $6,392.01 (8/31/11)
$6,542.01 (9/30/11)
$6,490.57 (10/31/11)

Dues Collected:
90.00 Aug
150.00 Sept
10.00 Oct

1,460.00 YTD Checks paid:
IU Foundation:
-600.00 Aug

-810.00 YTD

Service Charge:
-7.00 Aug

Service Charge
-61.44 Oct
(printing fee)

Committee Reports:

Program Committee: Carlyn Johnson
 Carlyn reminded everyone that the dinner at Hollyhock Hill is on December 7, 2011 at 4:30 pm. Reservations need to be in to Bernice Hopp by Dec. 2, 2011 – Forty (40) people can be seated.
 On January 25, 2012 (tentative date) the program on health care costs will be presented. The two speakers will be Alex Slabosky, an executive with IU Health, and Doug Leonard, Executive Director of the Indiana Hospital Association. We still need to identify a moderator. Suggestions were made and Carlyn will follow up on them. This promises to be a very interesting program.
 On February 14, 2011 the Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids program will be presented by Dr. Donna Segal at the Riley Auditorium (10:00 am – 12 noon). This has been well attended in the past and we expect it to be popular again this year.
 The Last Lecture will be presented in March. Bill and Carlyn will confirm the date. It is most likely on Friday March 30, 2012, but confirmation will be sought. Place TBA (Ed. Note: It is March 30, 2012)
 On April 10, 2012, the program will be at the Indiana Historical Society. Harriet reported on the plans. The program will begin at 10:00am with the opportunity to view the exhibits. A speaker will then explain the rationale for moving to an interactive style for the exhibits. There will be a lunch at 12:30. People will then be free to go to other exhibits or to the archives tour “Behind the Scenes”.
 May 9-11, 2012 is the overnight visit to Clifty Falls State Park. The plans are going well for that activity.
 The date for the annual meeting still needs to be set. Having a program at the last annual meeting was very well received and a program this year would be welcome.
 Board members discussed the possibility of presenting health care plans available to retirees. Perhaps a focus on health care insurance – long term care insurance – estate planning. It would be a “broad brush” approach not focused on recommending any particular plan, but what people need to think about. Perhaps a program for next year?
Please see the attached list of programs/activities for details.

Old Business:
 Bill reminded the Nominations Committee that a slate of candidates for Board members will need to be ready by March 2012. Walter Linne indicated that he will work with Bill to determine the status of Board members to determine who is eligible to run again if desired, and who the “out- going” members are so that they can be replaced. The election process will be planned forthwith to establish a slate in a timely manner.
 Giles Hoyt reported that plans to load the Formidable Program are ongoing with the help of Jim Brown. There is a $100 dollar charge to establish the Formidable Program. It was moved (Applegate/Mays) that the charge be paid by the Senior Academy. Motion carried.
 Walter Linne noted that we need to publish the new fees (dues). It was decided to send the new fee schedule ($15 individual and $150 life member) when the dues notices go out and the new fees are in effect.

New Business:
 Associate Members. The Board discussed the issue of Associate Membership in the Senior Academy. There has been some expression of interest in membership from associate faculty/staff as well as from people who worked for the university, but retired from elsewhere. We may need a Bylaws change in regard to this issue. Harriet Wilkins, Giles Hoyt, and Bill Bosron volunteered to serve as an Ad Hoc Committee to review this issue and to bring recommendations to the Board.
 Walt Linne suggested that the committee might want to review the Bylaws as a whole in case other issues need to be addressed.

It was moved (Rand/Mays) that we adjourn. Motion carried at 11:06:30 am

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Applegate


Meeting schedule for 2011 – 2012
Thursday December 8 Park 100 10:00 am
Thursday January 12 Park 100 10:00 am

Note: Park 100 is located at 5980 Woodward Drive (Near intersection of I 465 and 71st St)


Programs/Social Events Planned (a work in progress):

November, 2011 Harriet Wilkins is coordinating this event
Date: November 11, 2011
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Location: IUPUI Student Center – Senior Academy Room 264
Event: Reception honoring Dorothy Swinney

December, 2011 Bernice Hopp is coordinating this event.
Date: December 7, 2011
Time: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm (mingle 4:30 – dinner 5:30 pm)
Location: Hollyhock Hill
Event: Holiday Dinner
Registration: To reserve seats please contact Bernice Hopp by phone or e-mail (317-356-7820)(

January, 2012 Carlyn Johnson will coordinate this.
Date: January 25, 2012 (tentative)
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Park 100 (probably)
Presentation: Health Care Costs
Presenters: Alex Slabosky Executive at IU Health and Doug Leonard, Executive Director of the Indiana Hospital Association
Registration: To register, please contact Carlyn Johnson by phone or e-mail (317-542-7234) (

February, 2012 Nick Kellum will coordinate this event
Date: February 1, 2012
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: The Den (formerly the Sports Bar at the IUPUI hotel/conference center)
Event: Informal dinner followed by attendance at an IUPUI basketball game (IUPUI vs. Oakland)
Registration: To register please contact Carlyn Johnson by phone or e-mail (317-542-7234)(

February, 2012 Marge Applegate will coordinate this program
Date: February 14, 2012
Time: 10:00 am to noon
Location: Riley Hospital Auditorium
Presentation: Hearing loss and hearing aids.
Presenter: Dr. Donna Segal
Registration: To register please contact Marge Applegate by phone or e-mail (317-821-9442) (
You can park in either the Riley garage or the Wilson St. garage and just cross the street to Riley Hospital.
The Riley Auditorium is located in Riley Hospital right across from the Riley Garage (It is the closest).

March, 2012 Golam Mannan is coordinating this with the LL committee.
Date: March 30, 2012
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: TBA

April, 2012 Harriet Wilkins is coordinating this event
Date: April 10, 2012
Time: Begins at 10:00 am
Event: Indiana Historical Society: View exhibits/ presentation on the interactive style of exhibits/lunch/option
to visit more exhibits or take archives tour: “Behind the Scenes”.
Location Indiana Historical Society: 450 W. Ohio St. Free parking is available on site.

May, 2012 Jean Gnat is coordinating this event
Date: May 9 to 11, 2012 (Wed to Fri)
Location : Clifty Falls State Park
Event: Overnights at a State Park
Registration: To register please contact Jean Gnat by phone or e-mail (317-872-3605) (