Board Minutes April 2011


 Senior Academy Board Meeting

Glendale Library

April 27, 2011

Members Present:  Marge Applegate,  Pat Blake, William Bosron, Theodore Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson,  Walter Linne, Golam Mannan, Arthur Mirsky, Leon Rand.

Members absent:  Nick Kellum and  Shirley Newhouse

Call to Order:  President Giles Hoyt called the meeting to order at 12:12  pm

Minutes:  It was moved/seconded (Rand/Blake) that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

President’s Report:

  • Giles noted that the annual meeting is May 12, 2011.  Annual committee reports need to come in quickly so that they can be assembled for the meeting.  He provided forms for completing the reports.  He was pleased to note that Indiana’s  poet laureate will do a presentation at the annual meeting this year.
  • The Foundation was contacted regarding the absence of movement of the scholarship funds. Kevin Walsh (Finance Office) said that the monies for the scholarships have not been transferred as yet to allow maximum time for gains to occur.  When it is transferred, the SA treasurer and board will be notified. 
  •  Our Spirit and Place Program offering has been accepted and will be presented in November.  The monies for participation in this program were approved in a previous meeting.
  • Giles reported that during a meeting with Dawn Rhodes and Dan Youngblood  regarding the status and future of the Faculty Club, he learned that the issue is still under study.   Any progress will be reported.  Gerald Bepko is very supportive of the Faculty Club and offered to do whatever he could to assist our efforts
  • Giles reviewed the request that will go out as part of Impact/Capital Campaign with Dee Metaj and Shelly Hunter at the IU Foundation.  We will focus on raising money for our Senior Academy scholarships.


Treasurer’ Report:  Leon Rand

 52: SA Fund    $7,302.68

March 31, 2011

   101.02 March

  654.87 YTD

       23.33 March

 218.17 YTD

          0.00 March

      75.00 YTD

70: SA FundSchol. Returning



March 31, 2011

    781.79 March 4,937.07 YTD      180.40 March

1,608.66 YTD

       36.90 March

 2,850.55 YTD

 88: SA Fund Schol. IPS



March 31, 2011

    576.79 March

3,730.03 YTD

    133.21 March

1,242.17 YTD

           00.00 March

   100.00 YTD

 96: SA Fund

Academic Schol


March 31, 2011

    407.61 March

2,637.94 YTD

         94.14 March

   875.23 YTD

           0.00 March

  800.00 YTD

 Checking Account:      $  6,890.11

March 31, 2011

     Dues collected:

        10.00 March

  2,020.00 YTD

Holiday Dinner Rcpts





(service fee)

Checks paid:



Motion to accept the treasurer’s report (Blake/Cutshall) – Motion passed



Committee Reports:


Last Lecture Committee: Golam Mannan

  • The last lecture presented this year by Dr. Angela McBride was a success with both an excellent introduction and excellent lecture.  About 100 persons attended.   A reception followed the lecture.
  • It has been determined that the last Friday in March will be the permanent date for the Last Lecture. This will avoid conflict with the many activities of April and make it possible for more to attend.
  • Three members of the board (Hoyt/Mannan/Bosron) met with Dee Metaj and Shelly Hunter from the IU Foundation to discuss future funding of the Last Lecture.  The group was assured that support for the Last Lecture will continue with a Foundation contribution of  $1,500 /year.


Social/Program Committee: Carlyn Johnson

  • Carlyn noted that programs for September and October of 2011 are set.  She suggested that an IMA experience would be a good option for November (the group agreed).  In Dec. we have the Christmas dinner.
  • Carlyn asked for confirmation of the desire to address health care costs in Jan/Feb.  The group agreed that it was a very timely idea and that the focus should be on cost, not implementation.  After some discussion, it was decided that a panel of  two or three people would be an excellent approach.  Names suggested were David Orentlicher, Lisa Harris, and Glenda Westmoreland.  Carlyn will proceed.
  • Carlyn raised the question of  location for programs.  The Glendale Library is increasingly difficult to schedule with the cutback in hours.  The committee would like to keep the 2nd Tuesday of the month if possible.   It would be ideal to have the programs at the Park 100 location .  There is a $20 charge to use the room that is sent to the Dean of Faculties account.  Board members agreed that the Park 100 location is ideal and  accessible parking  is a plus at that location. It is necessary to complete a form to reserve a room at Park 100.  Giles will process the reservation of a room at Park 100 for programs.
  • Mary Groves reported that the McCormick’s Creek weekend  is set to go.  There are 19 reservations to date. Mary will check on whether we have enough participants to qualify for a group discount.


Nominations Committee: Bill Bosron

  • Bill presented the excellent slate developed by the committee.  The ballots have been sent out by both e-mail and snail mail to seek the greatest response rate possible. 
  • The committee expects to be able to present the results at the annual meeting.


Scholarship Committee: Art Mirsky

  • Art was pleased to announce that the number one candidate for each of the three scholarships accepted.  We had excellent candidates again this year.
  • There were 47 applicants. However, 35 were ineligible for various reasons.  A major problem is getting complete transcripts.   The new digital transcripts do not provide the information needed by the committee.  Art is meeting with the appropriate person in the Scholarship Office to solve that issue. 
  • There is also a need to prescreen the applicants so that only those eligible are forwarded to the committee.  Art plans to have a committee member prescreen applicants in the future.
  • Art noted that each scholarship fund is now over $40,000 so an assist from the SA to meet the $2000 scholarship level was not needed, but the offer was appreciated. 
  •  Jimmy Lake Jr. representing the Harrison Society of  the Columbia Club has given a $1,825 donation to the IPS scholarship fund (88 acct).  Art will meet with Mr. Lake and Beth Barnette (Schol.Office Director) to express our thanks and discuss future opportunities


Old Business: 

  • Giles reported that the Bepko Medallion will be awarded to Dr. George Rawls at the annual meeting. 


New Business: 

  • It was moved and seconded (Rand/Grove)  that the Senior Academy finance the production of the Bepko medallion as needed.  Motion passed


  • There are some changes in the meeting dates and times for our meetings for the remainder of 2011.


The revised schedule of meetings is as follows:

Tuesday                 May 24                 Glendale                10:00 am

Thursday               June 30                  Glendale                12:00 noon

Thursday               August 11              Park 100                                10:00 am 

Thursday               September 8         Park 100                                10:00 am

Thursday               October 13            Park 100                                10:00 am

Thursday               November 10       Park 100                                10:00 am

Thursday               December 8          Park 100                                10:00 am

*Note: Giles is confirming space at Park 100 for the meetings beginning in August 2011.

It was moved and seconded (Mannan/Blake) that we adjourn – Motion passed at 1:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate, Secretary