Board Minutes March 2011

Senior Academy Board Meeting

Glendale Library

March 22, 2011

Present:  Pat Blake, Bill Bosron, Theodore Cutshall, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Nick Kellum, Art Mirsky, Leon Rand.

Absent:  Margaret Applegate, Noel Duerden, Walt Linne, Golam Mannan, Shirley Newhouse

Guest: Harriet Wilkins


Minutes from the February meeting were approved as previously distributed.


President’s Report 

  • The Last Lecture will be held Friday, March 25th.  In Giles’ absence, Bill will represent the Senior Academy.  Sarah Evans Barker will introduce Angela McBride, this year’s lecturer.
  • Harriett summarized the process for selecting the person to give the Last Lecture. 
    • The process begins with a preliminary review of nominations by a Senior Academy committee that typically sends 5-6 nominees forward to the selection committee. 
      • At this point nominees are notified and asked to confirm their interest and availability on the scheduled date of the lecture and provide a summary of what they would address in the Lecture.  It has been our experience that at least one of the finalists must withdraw from consideration due to a scheduling conflict.
      • The date needs to be set in advance to ensure both the desired space and availability of the Chancellor and/or Executive Vice chancellor. 
    • The selection committee is comprised of an equal number of Senior Academy members and active faculty and staff, and one student.  The selection committee does not include any members from the nominees’ schools and, as a result, membership varies somewhat from year to year.  The selection committee reviews the materials and makes a final determination, and the lecturer and other nominees are notified.
    • The Foundation is providing a $1000 honorarium again this year.  Though this is probably the last year for this funding from the Foundation, Giles will talk with Foundation leadership about continuing this support in the future.
  • Nick and Giles will attend pre-retirement seminar sponsored by Human Resources this month to promote membership in the Senior Academy.
  • The Senior Academy continues working with the IUPUI Faculty Club in its effort to stay in its current location with an affordable rent. A number of IUPUI schools have supported the Faculty Club in this matter as the schools often use the club to host potential faculty hires and other guests.
  • Giles has been posting information to the Senior Academy website.  If anyone needs further instruction, we might invite Jim Brown to offer a refresher course in how to post information to the site.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Charts for the various Foundation accounts and the checking account were distributed prior to the meeting via e-mail.  Copies are attached below.
  • Last month Walt Linne made an impromptu contribution of $10 to cover a $7 service fee we incurred in our checking account.  Leon told the group that the contribution had been deposited to the checking account.
  • Leon noted a positive change in the market value of the Foundation accounts last month.
  • Art asked that the minutes include the year-to-date contributions that appear in the treasurer’s report.  Members agreed that would be useful and that information is included below.
  • The treasurer’s report was accepted by the board.

Standing Committee Reports

Program and Social Committees

  • Carlyn asked members for their opinions whether it was more important to maintain the Glendale location for programs or to continue to schedule them on the second Tuesday of the month.  With the cutback in library hours, it has become increasingly difficult to secure library space on that Tuesday.
  • Carlyn suggested that for 2011-12 programs we consider using space IUPUI is renting at Park 100 on 71st and I-465 on the west side.  There are three rooms there that would meet our needs and generally are available during the day. There is a charge of $20 to use these rooms.  Carlyn added that the location is convenient and plenty of parking is available. 
  • The board approved this proposal and will consider moving board meetings there as well beginning in the fall. Giles will canvas the board to find out what days and times would work best for the members.
  • The program on Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities on September 13 has been re-titled Aging in Place. 
  • There will be a $5 charge for the April 13th Holliday Park Wildflower walk. Carlyn will arrange for the reminder note to mention this charge.
  • A list of all upcoming events appears on the main page of the Senior Academy Website
  • A reminder will be going out soon for the overnight outing to McCormick Creek State Park on May 5th and 6th.

Nominating Committee

  • As the result of resignations and appointments to fill those vacancies, there is an imbalance in the size of the different board member “classes” by having significant variation among where members are in terms of their board service (the first year of their first term, the first year of their second term, etc.)  Balance is important as it provides a greater continuity of experience in the board since most members serve two consecutive two-year terms.  In addition we to try to maintain a board that is broadly representative of the campus schools and inclusive retired staff as well as faculty.
  • Filling all seven slots in the class of 2012 this year with the usual two-year term would continue this imbalance.  One way to correct this is to slate an “incomplete” class*of five and, after the new board takes office, appoint two members with the understanding they would serve one year only; they would be replaced in 2012 with new appointees who would then be eligible for election to a first two-year term in 2013.  Carlyn Johnson, the only member completing the second year of her first full term, will be nominated for a second term in this election cycle. 
  • Members of the board endorsed this approach.
  • The committee will meet after the board meeting to finalize the slate of members and to consider possible officers for next year.

* The acting secretary opted not to record all the details in the calculations of each class as it was obvious that doing so would rival the Faculty Council’s periodic determination of “n” for its membership, and avoiding same is probably why some of us retired.

Old Business/Announcements

  • Harriet told the group the proposal for the Spirit & Place Festival has been submitted.  The program is entitled The Body and Aging: Exploring the Possibilities of the Older Body/Mind/Spirit.
    • The proposal was developed by the Senior Academy, the Mid-North Shepherd Center, RSVP of Central Indiana, the Center on Aging & Community at the University of Indianapolis, and an individual who coordinates the Silver Sneakers fitness program at the Pike YMCA.  The Senior Academy is serving as the primary sponsor of the program and the Shepherd Center, the Center on Aging and Community and the fitness expert will offer the sessions.  RSVP will provide information on volunteer opportunities.
    • At the February meeting, the Senior Academy voted to provide $200 of the required application fee.  The RSVP program and the University of Indianapolis Center on Aging and the Community are providing $100 each.
    • We will find out in May whether the proposal has been accepted for Spirit & Place.  If not, the application fee will be refunded.
    • Participating organizations agreed that they want to go forward with the November 9th event even if the proposal is not accepted for Spirit & Place.  The event has been added to the Senior Academy website.
  • Art Mirsky reported that the Scholarship committee has finished its evaluations of applicants for three scholarships and made its final selections.  Art will send notifications to the Scholarship office which then informs students and provides them a deadline by which they must accept or decline the award.  Art will provide information on the recipients next month.




New Business

  • Giles reported on some continuing glitches with the website that we have not been able to get resolved through the usual campus support channels.  One example is having lost the IUPUI “frame” that made the Senior Academy site look more like other campus sites.
  • Giles recommended that we move the website to a commercial server off-campus.  He noted the Faculty Club had decided to take this step.  The cost for doing so would be $80 a year, but he expected better support and response to problems than we are now receiving.  This would also allow us to change the address of the site from to a more intuitive A forwarding note would be posted to the old address for a time and campus links from the main campus website would take visitors to the new location directly.
  • Members approved the recommendation.  Giles will work with Jim Brown to make the move.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Mark Grove, Acting Secretary























IUPUI Senior Academy

Treasurer’s Report

For the Period

February 1, 2011- February 28, 2011


Senior Academy Fund 38P000052


                                                                               Month                   Year to Date

                                                                                                                                                     (From 6/30/10)    

Balance on January 31, 2011                                                     $7,114.05                            $6,354.64

Changes in the Account:

                Investment Income: January                                              23.33                               194.84

Change in Market Value: January                                      40.95                           553.85

Cash Contribution                                                                   0.00                             75.00            

Activities and Events                                                              0.00                               0.00

 Balance on   February 28, 2011                                               $7,178.33                      $7,178.33                     


For the Year Ending                                                                            2008                                   2009

Balance, Beginning of the Year                                                 $14,479.85                    $ 5,727.80  

                 Cash Contributions                                                     +    602.95                           867.50  

                Investment Income                                                       +    475.55                           335.87

                Net Changes in Market Value                                    -7,785.55                           395.52

                Undergraduate Scholarships                                      -6,000.00                                                            

Benefit IU                                                                        –     45.00             

                Activities and Events                                                                                              -970.82                             

                  Service Fee                                                                                                            –     1.23                                                                                                                                           

      Balance, End of Fiscal Year                                                   $  5,727.80                    $ 6,354.64











Senior Academy Fund 37P000070

Scholarship for Returning Students


                                                                                                    Month                    Year to Date

                                                                                                                                                        (From 6/30/10)

Balance on January 31, 2011                                                   $51,410.61                 $43,546.71       

Changes in the Account:

            Investment  Income: February                                             179.78                            1,428.26

            Change in Market Value: February                                      316.61                     4,155.28

            Cash Contributions:                                                                  36.90                     2,813.65

            Contribution Cash Adjustments                                               0.00                             0.00

            Donor Advised Transfer                                                             0.00                                     0.00

            Fees for Service Rendered                                                        0.00                             0.00

            Balance on February 28, 2011                                       $51,943.90                $51,943.90



Senior Academy Fund 37P000088

Scholarship for IPS Students

                                                                                                   Month                     Year to Date

                                                                                                                                      (From 6/30/10)

Balance on January 31, 2011                                                  $ 39,946.47                   $ 35,950.86   

   Changes in the Account:

             Investment Income: February                                             132.81                        1,108.96

             Change in Market Value: February                                    233.78                         3,513.24

             Cash Contributions                                                                   0.00                             100.00     

             Contribution Cash Adjustments                                             0.00                                 0.00                   

             Donor Advised Transfer                                                           0.00                                 0.00                   

             Fee for Service                                                                           0.00                                 0.00

             Balance on February 28, 2011                                   $ 40,313.06                    $ 40,313.06


Senior Academy Fund 37P000096

Academic Scholarship


                                                                                                     Month                                       Year to Date

                                                                                                                                            (From 6/30/10)

Balance on January 31, 2011                                                    $41,042.06                    $38,089.99        

Changes in the Account:

             Investment Income: February                                                94.14                           781.09

             Change in Market Value: February                                      851.70                       2,230.33

             Cash Contributions:                                                         0 .00                              800.00     

             Contribution Cash Adjustments                                                                

              Donor Advised Transfer                                                                               

             Balance on February 28, 2011                                       $41,901.41                   $41,901.41

Senior Academy Checking Account


                                                                                                                         Month         Year to Date

                                                                                                                                                (From 06/30/10)


Balance   January 31, 2011                                                                  $6,870.11               $5,254.97

Dues Collected                                                                                                         0.00     2,010.00

Checks paid                                                                                                               0.00                 -1,330.26

Holiday Dinner Party receipts                                                                            0.00         942.40             

 *Service Charge                                                                                                                                –     7.00 

 Contribution         I                                                                                                    10.00                         10.00                                                                                                                        

 Balance on February 28, 2011                                                           $ 6,880.11              $ 6,880.11