Board Minutes December 2011

Senior Academy Board Meeting
Park 100
December 8, 2011

Members Present: Marge Applegate, Pat Blake, William Bosron, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Walter Linne, Rose Mays, Art Mirsky, Rebecca Van Voorhis, Rosalie Vermette.

Members Absent: Nick Kellum, Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand, Jeff Vessely.

Guests: Golam Mannan

Call to order: President Bill Bosron called the meeting to order at 10:02 am

Minutes: There was a motion (Mirsky/Vermette) to approve the minutes of November 10, 2011. Motion carried

President’s Report: William Bosron
 Dottie Swinney’s reception was a great success with about 30 persons present. Harriet Wilkins and Sue Christian (Dean Sukhatme’s office) did a great job of coordinating the event. There was a good showing of Dottie’s colleagues and friends from AO. They made a beautiful scrapbook of pictures and included our notes to Dottie. Her sister, daughter, and one son were able to attend. They seemed to enjoy the event and it was great to see their interaction. Several people talked about Dottie: Bill Voos, Ed Robbins, Harriet Wilkins. Dottie was especially appreciative of our gift card. It was a grand and fun event for a very deserving lady.
 The Holiday dinner was last night at Hollyhock Hills. We had 31 attendees. We all overate as is the norm when going to Hollyhock Hills – and did so with gusto. Carlyn told us about future events and Giles led us in song – even the original German rendition of Silent Night. Good time, good food, good fellowship. Kudos again to Bernice Hopp for another great planning effort.
 Leon Rand has turned over the check book and records for our treasury. Lee McLaughlin and Bill are able to make deposits and write checks so we are keeping things right up to date. Bill has contacted Kevin Walsh, but they have not yet met. Bill will give a Treasurer’s report at the next meeting. We need a volunteer to assume the role of Treasurer. The job is pretty straight forward with pretty stable accounts and few checks to be written. (Leon reports that he and Marian are all moved in to their new home and even have pictures up on the walls – amazing!)
 United Way of Central Indiana is at about 60% of goal while IUPUI is at about 78% of goal and the Senior Academy is at about 75% of goal. The donation period as been extended to allow time to make more progress toward goals. Bill sent a reminder e-mail to Senior Academy members. He also thanked the Board members for their participation.
o Art Mirsky noted that the form for the United Way could be improved.
o It needs a place to list co-donors and a place to state clearly where the donation is to go.
 We need to reserve a room for 2012 meetings. The Board confirmed that the 2nd Thursday of each month and Park 100 as the venue are the best options to maximize attendance. Bill will seek to reserve a room at Park 100. Carlyn noted that she has already reserved rooms for the 2012 programs.
 Work continues to organize the Senior Academy Office in the Fellowship area of AO so that Lee can move forward in working with us.
 The Board confirmed an interest in holding the annual meeting at the Athenaeum. There was also a suggestion that we might engage Rita Kohn to do a reading and Jim Brown to share some of his related photographs. That met with great enthusiasm. Bill will check on the possibilities.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee: Carlyn Johnson
 Carlyn noted that the January meeting will occur on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 at 10:30 am at Park 100. The program relates to health care costs. Two speakers are Alex Slabosky (IU Health Executive) and Doug Leonard (Executive director of the Indiana Hospital Assoc.). A third speaker is yet to be named. Carlyn thought it might be interesting to add a medical doctor to the speaker mix. A bigger room will be needed for this program as Carlyn expects a really good turnout. She asked if a postal mailing could go out to members who do not have e-mail regarding this event as well as other future events. Walt indicated that it could be done. It is up on the web. A “save the date” memo went out recently via e-mail.
 Carlyn shared information related to Yellow Tag Household Sales of the Central Indiana Alliance (CIA).
CIA is a part of the National Assoc. of Senior Move Managers. She suggested that a program might be developed for next year about such services as this that help seniors in transition. It was noted that a general meeting about services and resources for seniors without endorsing a particular company would be a great idea. Seniors are especially interested in ways to maintain their independence, but don’t always know what is available to them. It could be a great learning program. Becky noted that seniors don’t always know about things that would benefit them, but are interested in the “nitty gritty” that they can really relate to. Perhaps that could be another related program or a focus of this resources idea. Carlyn will explore it further.

Nominations Committee: Walter Linne
 Walt noted that we are still searching for a Treasurer. He stated that the Treasurer must be a member of the Board. Mary Grove volunteered to serve as Treasurer until May 2012. Thank you, Mary.
 Walt said there were two candidates to replace Leon Rand on the Board: Ursula Roberts and Randall Strate. It was moved (Linne/Vermette) that Randall Strate fill the vacancy on the Board. Motion carried.
 We need to have a slate for Board elections by March. Please forward nominees to Walter. Walt will seek nominees from both faculty and staff.
 Walt reminded us that we still need someone to serve as editor of the Sentinal. He would welcome suggestions of people with the needed skill set for the position.
 Giles Hoyt has agreed to continue his work on the SA web site and as a member of the Communications Committee after his term on the Board is concluded.
 Walt also noted that we need to update our brochure. Bill and Giles offered to help Walt with that effort.

Last Lecture Committee: Golam Mannan
 Suzanne Vicks’ office of communications has merged with IU Bloomington. Pat McAleer from Bloomington is now in charge. Golam met with Pat McAleer, Suzanne Vicks, Vice Chancellor Amy Warner, Sue Herrell and others. Outcome: All future publicity regarding the Last Lecture will go through Pat McAleer in Bloomington.
 The Last Lecture will occur on March 30, 2012. The location is still under consideration. The Campus Center is booked and will not be available. Golam booked it for 2013 to be sure we can use it in the future. Sue Herrell is currently reviewing the Herron Auditorium in Eskanazi Hall as well as the Convention Center though that is costly. It was suggested that Golam also explore larger rooms in the Lecture Hall.
 There will be about 7 nominees for the 2012 Last Lecture speaker. It is an excellent and diverse list. Golam encouraged Board members to feel free to nominate candidates. Faculty and staff have been encouraged to do so. The committee is considering expanding the marketing effort to allow students to make nominations.

Old Business:

Revision of the Bylaws: Giles Hoyt, Walter Linne, William Bosron. (recommended changes bold and underlined)

 The working group recommended the following change in the Bylaws related to Article III – Membership:
“Membership shall be open to all retired and former faculty and staff of IUPUI and affiliated campuses who agree to make a commitment to the activities of the Academy and to pay dues as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the Academy.”
 After some discussion it was moved (Mays/VanVoorhis) that the Bylaws change be as follows: “Membership shall be open to all retired and former faculty and staff of IUPUI who agree to make a commitment to the activities of the Academy and to pay dues as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the Academy” Motion carried
 Further discussion ensued about clarity of the statement. It was then moved (Hoyt/Mays) that the change be amended to read: “Membership shall be open to all retired and former full-time faculty and staff of IUPUI who agree to make a commitment to the activities of the Academy and to pay dues as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the Academy.” Motion carried.
 The Board accepted (by consensus) the recommendation that “First-year IUPUI retirees are given one year free membership”

New Business: None

It was moved (Hoyt/Blake) that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried at 11:27 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Applegate, Secretary


ATTACHMENT: Meeting schedule through April (May?)

Meeting Schedule

January 12, 2012 – 10:00 am – Park 100
February 9, 2012 – 10:00 am – Park 100
March 8, 2012 – 10:00 am – Park 100
April 12, 2012 – 10:00 am – Park 100