Board Meeting May 2011

 Senior Academy Board Meeting

Glendale Library

May 24, 2011

Members Present:  Marge Applegate, William Bosron, Theodore Cutshall, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt,   Nick Kellum, Art Mirsky, Leon Rand, Rosalie Vermette

Members absent:  Pat Blake, Carlyn Johnson, Walter Linne, Galam Mannan, Rose Mays, Shirley Newhouse, Rebecca VanVoorhis,  Jeff Vessely, and Harriett Wilkins.

Call to Order:  President Giles Hoyt called the meeting to order at 10.07am

Minutes:  It was moved/seconded (Rand/Grove) that the April minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

President’s Report:

  • Giles welcomed the new members of the Board and thanked the retiring members and Officers for their efforts on behalf of the Senior Academy.  He thanked the committee chairs and members for their hard work that enabled us to meet our goals.  He pronounced it a good year and all agreed.
  • He commended the committee chairs for their annual reports and noted the recommendations of the various committees:
    • Communications Committee:
      • To recruit a Senior Sentinel Editor and SA Web Administrator
      • To encourage greater participation of board members in submitting articles for the newsletter.
      • To develop guidelines for general communications to the Board, SA members, and the public.
    • Bepko Community Medallion Committee:
      • Call a meeting early in the fall to consider possible recipients
      • Solicit names from a variety of sources, including board members.
      • Strike a balance among recipients of those from IUPUI who reach out to the community and community members who have been involved productively with IUPUI.
    • Finance Committee:
      • Maintain a balanced budget
    • Last Lecture Committee:
      • Maintain the gold standard that has been set of inviting highly respected and talented individuals to deliver the “Last Lecture”
    • Membership Committee:
      • Review the fee structure and consider raising both the annual and life dues.
    • Nominating Committee
      • Identify additional staff members to be contacted to serve on the Board.
    • Scholarship Committee
      • Seek an avenue to assure that the committee has complete transcripts for review.
      • Establish a process to prescreen applicants so that only those who meet eligibility criteria are forwarded to the committee. 


  • Giles applauded the IUPUI administration for their support of the Senior Academy and the Last Lecture series. He also expressed appreciation to the IU Foundation for agreeing to continue to provide an annual honorarium for the Last Lecture speaker.  Administrative support and IU Foundation funding make this event possible.
  • Dottie Swinney has worked with the Senior Academy as a loyal, effective and efficient staff member for some time.  The Board expressed the hope that she will be willing to continue to be our hero and “go to” person. Bill Bosron will meet with Dottie to see if she would be willing to do so.








D  In  MV








52: SA Fund



April 30, 2011


     72.22 April

  727.09 YTD


   23.33 April

 241.50 YTD


         0.00 April

      75.00 YTD

70: SA Fund

Schol. Returning




April 30, 2011


    559.25 April

 5,496.32 YTD


   180.55 April

1,789.21 YTD


       55.35 April

 2,905.90 YTD


88: SA Fund Schol. IPS




April 30, 2011


  412.28 April

4142.31 YTD


   133.21 April

1,375.38 YTD


      00.00 April

   100.00 YTD


96: SA Fund

Academic Schol



April 30, 2011


   298.66 April

2,936.60 YTD


     94.14 April

   969.37 YTD


1,225.00 April

2,025.00 YTD


Checking Account:


 $  6,490.11

April 30, 2011


Dues collected:

        00.00 April

  2,020.00 YTD


         00.00 April

         10.00 YTD 


Spirit/Place Festival:


-1730.26 YTD

Treasurer’s Report:  Leon Rand

The 70 account should show $52,738.14 as the April 30, 2011 balance (typo error – correction made).

There was a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as corrected (Kellum/Vermette) Motion carried

Committee Reports:


Nominations Committee:  Bill Bosron

  • Bill reviewed Board membership and cohort rotations.  The Board is composed of 15 members.
    • Eight (8) members are in the first year of their first or second term and do not need to be elected/reelected (Hoyt, Newhouse, Rand, Blake, Bosron, Kellum, Linne, and Mirsky)
    • Six (6) members were to be newly elected.  To provide greater stability, it was decided to elect four (4) new members and to recommend that two (2) members who would have completed their membership cycle remain one additional year to balance the cycles.
      • The four newly elected members are: Rose Mays (Nursing), Rebecca VanVoorhis (Social Work), Rosalie Vermette (World Languages), and Jeff Vessley (Education)
      • Carlyn Johnson was reelected to a second two year term.
  • The committee recommends that Marge Applegate and Mary Grove be asked to remain on the Board for one additional year.  (Committee/Mirsky)  Recommendation approved.  Mary and Marge accepted.
  • The committee recommends the following officers of the Board for the 2011-2012 term:

President:  William Bosron, Vice President: Walter Linne, Treasurer: Leon Rand, Secretary: Margaret          Applegate. (Committee/Kellum) Recommendation approved.

  • Bill reported that the election was conducted by both e-mail and postal mail ballots for those without e-mail addresses.  This process worked very well.  He recognized and thanked Walter Linne for organizing the e-mail vote. The committee recommends that e-mail be the preferred method of communication of ballots by the Academy. (consensus agreement)
  • Bill noted that the committee will make a committed effort to identify more staff members to be contacted to serve on the Board.


Program Committee and Social Committee:  Carlyn Johnson/Jean Gnat

Carlyn was unable to attend today.  Giles noted that Carlyn served as the chairperson for the Program Committee.  Mary Grove noted that Jean Gnat chaired the Social Committee.  The Program and Social Committees  provided a wonderful selection of events and programs with the assistance of others who stepped up and in to enable a very good year. Bravo, Carlyn and Jean.  Two events already have been planned for the 2011-12 year.  In Sept, Ann Allen will present a program on Aging in Place.  In October the IUPUI Library will present a program at the library on “New Technologies to Manage Your Life” There has been an interest in a program on the cost of health care that could be further developed.  The “Hearing and Hearing Aids” program was cancelled this year and might be an option for 2011-12. In 2011-12, Carlyn Johnson will continue to chair the Program Committee and Harriet Wilkins will chair the Social Committee.

Bepko Medallion Committee: Mark Grove

Mark reported that the cost of the Bepko Medallion was $68.  Good news.

Last Lecture Committee:  Golam Mannan

Golam was unable to be with us today.  Mark noted that there has been some delay in getting names on the plaque

in the Senior Academy room.  Dan Maxwell was contacted and he indicated that he will take care of it.  Golam will follow up.

Communications Committee:  Walter Linne

Walt was not able to be here today.  Giles noted that the issue needing immediate attention is to identify people to manage the Senior Sentinel and the Web site.

Finance Committee: Leon Rand

  • Leon noted that there was a mix up in depositing a generous donation to our scholarship fund.  The monies were deposited in the Academic Scholarship fund (96 acct) instead of the intended IPS scholarship fund (88 acct).   Leon is working with Kevin Walsh to correct the deposits.
  • Leon said that we do not receive direct notification of donors who contribute to the Senior Academy.  We are told that deposits have been made and to what account.  We would like to thank those who contribute.

There was a motion that Leon work with Kevin Walsh to establish a communication link that will advise us of donors who contribute to the Senior Academy (Kellum/Vermette). Motion carried.

Scholarship Committee:  Art Mirsky

  • Art reported that he has met with individuals in the Scholarship Office to refine the process of scholarship application reviews.  There is a need to prescreen applicants so that only those who meet the eligibility criteria are forwarded for committee review.  Art will have this process in place by the next review.
  • Rosalie noted that while it was nice to have the scholarship recipients attend the annual meeting to be recognized, it would be appreciated if the recipients could be allowed to say a few words so that we might learn a little more about them.  Art indicated that the suggestion will be applied in the future.


Membership Committee:  Nick Kellum

Nick noted that the major issue before the Membership Committee is the fee structure.  The committee will prepare a proposal for Board  review regarding an increase in both annual and life membership fees.

New Business:

  • Committee Chairs:  Giles announced that the following people have volunteered to chair committees or are chair by virtue of position:
    • Program Committee:  Carlyn Johnson
    • Social Committee:  Harriet Wilkins
    • Last Lecture Committee: Golam Mannan
    • Scholarship Committee: Art Mirsky
    • Finance Committee: Leon Rand (by virtue of being the Treasurer)
    • Bepko Medallion Committee: Mark Grove
    • Communication Committee: Walter Linne (GilesHoyt & Bill Bosron volunteered to serve on the committee).
    • Membership Committee: Nick Kellum
    • Nominations Committee: Walter Linne (by virtue of being the Vice President)


  • Giles noted that there is a need to identify individuals to manage the Web site and the Senior Sentinel.

Giles volunteered to manage the web site with the help of Jim Brown.  Mark Grove, Bill Bosron, and Giles Hoyt agreed to work together on the Senior Sentinel.  An editor for the Senior Sentinel remains a goal.

  • It was suggested that each set of minutes include a listing of the dates, place and time of the remaining meetings for the year.  Marge agreed to do this.
  • It was also suggested that the minutes list the established program and social events for the year.  Marge agreed to do this as well.
  • Giles reported that volunteer “A” parking stickers are available at a cost of $93.  There was a general discussion around the position that volunteers should receive courtesy parking.  Bill Bosron indicated that he would address this issue with campus administration.
  • Ted Cutshall suggested looking at alternative sites for the annual meeting.  It was suggested that Park 100 might be a possibility.  It is well located and has ample parking.  Giles and Bill will investigate that possibility and report back to the Board.
  • Giles reminded everyone that we will soon move to Park 100 for our meetings. 


Old Business:

  • The question of the best place and time for Board meetings was again addressed.  It was suggested that the membership be polled as to whether Tuesday or Thursday was the preferred day.  It was also suggested that we ask people to indicate preferred times for Tuesday or Thursday.  Some indicated that time was an issue related to Tuesday or Thursday.  The Board will address this issue at a meeting in the near future.
  • Ted Cutshall asked if the charter members of the Senior Academy have ever been listed/recorded or recognized by a plaque in the SA room.   The Board agreed it was a good idea and should be placed on an agenda in the near future.


Passing of the gavel:

Giles thanked all members of the Board for their work and support in the 2010-11 year.  The Board returned the compliments and expressed appreciation for Giles’ leadership.

Giles formally passed the gavel to Bill Bosron who will preside at the next meeting of the Board.



It was determined that we have accomplished a great deal today and there is probably not a need to meet in June or July.    THERE WILL NOT BE A MEETING OF THE SENIOR ACADEMY IN JUNE OR JULY.  THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE AUGUST 11, 2011 @ PARK 100 @ 10:00 AM.  ANY EMERGING ISSUES WILL BE ADDRESSED VIA E-MAIL.


Attached please see the meeting schedule and program/social events planned to date.

The meeting adjourned at 11:26 am

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate


Meeting schedule for 2011   Please be aware that this is subject to change at the will of the Board

Thursday                 August 11,              Park 100                 10:00am

Thursday                 September 8            Park 100                 10:00 am

Thursday                 October 13              Park 100                  10:00 am

Thursday                 November 10          Park 100                  10:00 am

Thursday                 December  8            Park 100                  10:00 am

Note: Park 100 is located at 5980 West 71st St. (Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St)


Programs/Social Events Planned (a work in progress):


September 2011

Date:              Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time:             10:00 am

Location:        IUPUI Community Learning Network Facility. Park 100 @ 5980 W. 71st St, Indianapolis.

                       (Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St)

Presentation:  Aging in Place

Speaker:         Ann Allen, Director of Indianapolis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

  • The mission of NORC is to provide the opportunity for adults to age in place, that is, to live independently with dignity and security within their own community.  

Topic:              Ms Allen will share how to organize and operate such a community.

October, 2011

Date:              October 11, 2011

Time:             9 am to 12 noon

Location:        IUPUI Library

Presentation:  New Technologies to Manage Your Life

Presenters:      IUPUI Library Staff

Topic:              Library staff will guide participants in an exploration of:

  •       Microsoft Office software suite including: Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point
  •       A review of LYNDA and its’ uses
  •       Photoshop
  •       SKYPE (video telephoning – it’s free!!)


November, 2011  Spirit and Place Festival

Date:                TBA

Time:               9 am to 1 pm

Location:        North United Methodist Church (38th and Meridian – Indianapolis)

Cost:               $6 for lunch

Presentation:   The Body and Aging: Exploring the Possibilities of the Older Body/Mind/Spirit

Sponsors:        The Senior Academy, the Mid-North Shepherd Center, RSVP of Central Indiana, and the Center on

                        Aging in the Community @ the University of Indianapolis.

Program:         Three programs will be presented in rotation.  Details to follow.