Board Meeting August 2011


Senior Academy Board Meeting

Park 100

Aug. 11, 2011

Members Present: Marge Applegate, Pat Blake, William Bosron, Giles Hoyt,  Nick Kellum, Walter Linne, Rose Mays, Art Mirsky, Leon Rand,  Rebecca Van Voorhis, Rosalie Vermette, Jeff Vessely.

Members absent: Mary Grove, Carlyn Johnson, Shirley Newhouse,

Call to Order:   President Bill Bosron called the meeting to order at 10.04 am

Minutes:                Motion to approve the minutes of May 24, 2011 (Hoyt/Rand).  Motion carried.

President’s Report: William Bosron 

Ø President Bosron welcomed the new members of the Board and introductions were made.

Ø Bill noted that he had met with Dottie Swinney and she is willing to continue working with the Senior Academy.   She will do much of her work from home and is open to calls from Board members as needed.

Ø Bill raised the question of whether Park 100 was the place of choice for meetings and whether the time of the meetings could be changed.  It was suggested that a start time of 12 noon might be considered.  Several members indicated that they could not come if the start time changed to noon.  The final consensus was that the time and place remain unchanged – Park 100 with a 10 am start time.

Ø Bill distributed an e-mail from Dean Sukhatme regarding potential volunteer activities for Senior Academy members.  Many of the Board members are already involved in volunteer activities for IUPUI and/or their own Departments / Schools.  It was suggested that we need to make all members of the Senior Academy aware of the possibilities and channels to initiate/sustain/increase participation.

o  We need a way to alert/engage/identify what members are doing or would like to do.

o  We need to get information regarding these opportunities on our web site.

o  Rosalie, Rebecca, Giles, Art, and Bill agreed to draft a letter to send to SA members regarding opportunities to volunteer.

Ø Bill noted that parking may be negotiable for volunteers and several indicated they had been able to do so. There is a volunteer “A” parking sticker available for $93 as well.

Ø Bill distributed an e-mail from Chancellor Bantz regarding the United Way

o  This year’s campaign will run from Sept 16 to Oct 31, 2011

o  The Senior Academy goal is to increase donations and volunteers beyond our past, fine level of participation. 

o  Bill passed around fliers used by other departments/organizations to spread the word about the United Way, identify goals, and encourage participation.  We will continue contacting retirees to encourage participation via donations or volunteering.

o  The SA web site will be a useful tool: Giles agreed to get the information up on the web site.












Treasurer’s Report:  Leon Rand

Leon noted that we will review three months of budget data since we did not meet in June or July.  The table below presents the May, June and July budget data.  Leon receives start and end monthly reports for each account from Kevin Walsh (IU Foundation) and the Huntington Bank that are used to produce the Treasurer’s reports.


May, June, July, 2011 Report:

Account Balance D  in Market Value             InvestmentIncome Contributions Expenses
52: SA Fund    $7,564.93 (5/31/11)   $7,500.35 (6/30/11)

   $7,439.70 (7/31/11)

143.95 May -87.32 June 783.72 YrTotal

  -83.41 July

  -83.41 YTD

     22.75 May     22.75 June

   287.00 YrTotal


     22.75 July

     22.75 YTD

       0.00 May       0.00 June

    75.00 YrTotal


       0.00 July

       0.00 YTD

70: Returning student Scholarship $55,480.11 (5/31/11)$55,076.52 (6/30/11)

$54,669.35 (7/31/11)

1,115.79 May  -679.91 June

5,932.20 YrTotal

  -654.30 July

  -654.30 YTD

   176.18 May   176.32  June

2,141.71Yr. Total


   177.13 July

   177.13 YTD

   450.00 May   100.00 June

3,455.90 Yr Total


     70.00 July

     70.00 YTD

88: IPS scholarship $42,589.32 (5/31/11)$42,263.99 (6/30/11)

$41,980.28 (7/31/11)

   821.89 May  -499.21 June

4,464.99 YrTotal

 -477.76 July

 -477.76 YTD

   129.88 May   129.88 June

1,635.14 YrTotal

   130.05 July

   130.05 YTD

     69.00 May     44.00 June

   213.00 YrTotal

     64.00 July

     64.00 YTD

96: Academic Scholarship $45,185.46 (5/31/11)$44,944.25 (6/30/11)

$44,744.67 (7/31/11)

  595.41 May -385.30 June

3,146.71 YrTotal

  -368.73 July

  -368.73 YTD

     94.09 May     94.09 June 1,157.55 YrTotal

   100.38 July

   100.38 YTD

   475.00 May     50.00 June

2,550.00 YrTotal

     70.00 July

     70.00 YTD

Checking Acct.    $5,602.01 (5/31/11)   $5,902.01 (6/30/11)

   $6,909.01 (7/31/11)

    Dues Collected:     00.00 May

   300.00 June

 2,320.00 YrTotal

  1,210.00 July

  1,210.00 YTD


       00.00 May

       00.00 June

    10.00 YrTotal

        0.00 July

Service charge refund: 7.00 July

Checks out: May 2011Rathskellar: Annual Mtg Buffet

  – 820.10


   – 68.00

Checks out: June 2011


  – 2,618.36 YrTotal

Checks out: July 2011

Norbert Krapf

    – 200.00

Deposit Correction

    –  10.00

    – 210.00 YTD



Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report (Hoyt/Blake). Motion carried

Leon noted that our $400 application fee for Spirit and Place has been returned to us.  Kevin Walsh (IU Foundation) has it as an account credit.  Those monies could be used toward our rental fee for Park 100.  Motion to use the refunded $400 toward Senior Academy rental at Park 100 (Hoyt/Vermette)  Motion carried.





Committee Reports:

Finance Committee: Leon Rand.  Leon presented the budget report prepared by the Finance Committee. See below.

Motion (committee/Hoyt) that annual and lifetime dues be separated and that lifetime dues be placed in the #52 Senior Academy Account where it can better gain interest income and move toward endowment.  Motion carried.


Motion (committee/Hoyt) to increase lifetime dues from $100 to $150 and annual dues from $10 to $15 effective 2012-2013.  Motion carried.


IUPUI Senior Academy Budget Sheet: 2011-2012

Meeting held 8/4/2011

Finance Committee: Leon Rand (Treasurer), Bill Bosron (President), Nick Kellum (Membership Chair), Golam Mannan and Giles Hoyt (past President).

Income;                                                                                 Expenses

Dues* to July31, 2011:  $1650.00                                   Bepko Medallion                                200.00

$600 will be moved from checking to

the #52 Foundation account.                                            Last Lecture**                                  

                                                                                                Publicity, Reception, Award

Net addition to checking acct: $1050                             $1600                                                       0.00

                                                                                                Honorarium: $1500

                                                                                                (covered by IU Foundation)

                                                                                                Annual Meeting                               1000.00   


                                                                                                Park 100 Rent                                       120.00

                                                                                                Miscellaneous                                       350.00

                                                                                                TOTAL                                             $1670.00

*The lifetime dues paid by members for the 2011-2012 year ($600 so far) will be placed into the Senior Academy Foundation Account #52 to     ensure that an appropriate lifetime fund will be maintained.

**Cost is shown as a future potential cost to the Senior Academy.

The total budget for 2011-2012 is estimated to be $600 higher than the income.  The shortfall for this year will be covered from the checking or Foundation #52 account.  As the future lifetime membership dues are moved to the Foundation #52 account, the shortfall will become more pronounced.  To cover this, the Finance Committee moves that the Board approve a dues increase from $10/year to $15/year for annual membership; from $100 to $150 for a lifetime membership, effective with the 2012 – 2013 year.

Motion (Hoyt/Mays) to approve the 2011-2012 budget report.  Motion carried.

Program Committee and Social Committee:  Carlyn Johnson/Harriett Wilkins

Neither Carlyn nor Harriett could be here today, but they sent a report.  Two events already have been planned for the 2011-12 year.  Please see the attached list for details and progress regarding programs and events.  This list will be updated and included with each set of minutes.

  • In Sept, Ann Allen/Cindy Wides will present a program on Aging in Place coordinated by Carlyn. 
  • In October the IUPUI Library will present a program on “New Technologies to Manage Your Life” coordinated by Carlyn Johnson.
  • On November 9th (9 am to noon) we will participate in the Spirit and Place program at North Methodist Church.  (Harriett Wilkins and Becky VanVorhis coordinated this opportunity with several Board members involved to make it happen)
  • The November IMA event has been cancelled.  We will possibly have an alternative.
  • December 7, 2011 will be the annual holiday dinner at Hollyhock Hill.(Bernice Hopp)
  • In January there may be a program on health care costs – a work in progress. (Carlyn Johnson)
  • We had to cancel the program on hearing loss this last year.  Marge Applegate is attempting to reschedule it in February 2012. Rebecca has an idea for this slot if the hearing loss program does not work out – a great idea that should not be lost.
  • Nick Kellum is working on a March event that will include dinner at the Den followed by an IUPUI sporting event.
  • The Last Lecture will occur in March – tentatively the last Friday in March (an agreed upon permanent date). Golam Mannan and his committee are finalizing this program.
  • Harriett Willkins is planning an April visit to the Kennedy exhibit at the Indiana History Center.
  • In May there will be an overnight at a state park.  Jean Gnat is working on that.


Nominating Committee: Walter Linne

Walt noted the need to put a call out for 2 openings on the Nominating Committee.  Rose Mays volunteered to serve on the committee.  One more member is needed.

Old Business:  None

New Business: None


Attached please see the meeting schedule and program/social events planned to date.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate



Meeting schedule for 2011   

Thursday                 September 8            Park 100                 10:00 am

Thursday                 October 13              Park 100                  10:00 am

Thursday                 November 10          Park 100                  10:00 am

Thursday                 December 8             Park 100                  10:00 am

Note: Park 100 is located at 5980 West 71st St. (Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St)


Programs/Social Events Planned (a work in progress):


September 2011 (If you plan to attend this program or have questions, please contact Carlyn Johnson

                    By phone (317/542/7234) or by e-mail at

Date:            Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time:            10:00 am

Location:       IUPUI Community Learning Network Facility. Park 100 @ 5980 W. 71st St, Indianapolis.

                       (Intersection of I 465 & W. 71st St) – First floor, Classroom #9.

Presentation:  Aging in Place – Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC)

Speaker:         Ann Allen, Director of Indianapolis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

                        Cindy Wides, Coordinator for Elder-Friendly Communities

The mission of NORC is to provide the opportunity for adults to age in place, that is, to live independently with          dignity and security within their own community – at home.  

Topic:              Ms Allen and Ms. Wides will share how to organize and operate such a community & what services are provided.

October, 2011  If you plan to attend, please notify Carlyn Johnson (317/542/7234) or

Date:             Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time:            9 am to 12 noon

Location:       IUPUI Library

Presentation:  New Technologies to Manage Your Life

Presenters:      Kendra Orr and other IUPUI Library Staff

Topic:             Library staff will guide participants in an exploration of selected new technologies to help manage your life:

Ø       Microsoft Office software suite including: Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point

Ø       A introduction to and review of LYNDA and its’ uses

Ø       Photoshop

Ø       SKYPE (video telephoning – it’s free!!)

November, 2011 Harriett Wilkins and Rebecca VanVoorhis are coordinating this program

Date:                Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time:               9 am to 12 noon

Location:        North United Methodist Church (38th and Meridian – Indianapolis)

Cost:               $6 for lunch

Presentation:   Spirit and Place Program: “The Body and Aging: Exploring the Possibilities of the Older Body/Mind/Spirit”

Sponsors:        The Senior Academy, the Mid-North Shepherd Center, RSVP of Central Indiana, and the Center on

                        Aging in the Community @ the University of Indianapolis.

Program:         Three programs will be presented in rotation.  Details to follow.

November, 2011  Mary Grove is coordinating this program – a work in progress

Date:                      Had to scrap the IMA program.  Working on possible alternative

December, 2011  Bernice Hopp is coordinating this event.

Date:                 December 7, 2011

Time:                TBA

Location:          Hollyhock Hill

Event:               Holiday Dinner

January, 2012    Carlyn Johnson will coordinate this if it occurs – a work in progress

Date:                 January 10, 2012 (tentative)

Time:                TBA

Location:          Park 100 (probably)

Presentation:    Health Care Costs

February, 2012   Marge Applegate will coordinate this program – a work in progress

Date:                  February 14, 2012 (tentative)

Time:                 TBA

Location:          TBA

Presentation:     Hearing loss and hearing aids.

Presenter:          Under negotiation    

March, 2012    Nick Kellum is coordinating this event – a work in progress

Date:                  March ??, 2012

                         Tentative plan is an informal dinner at the Den followed by an IUPUI athletic event.

March, 2012    Golam Mannan is coordinating this with the LL committee. – a work in progress

Date:                  March ??, 2012          (Probably the last Friday in March)

April, 2012     Harriett Wilkins is coordinating this event – a work in progress

Date:                April ??, 2012

Time:               TBA

Location:          Indiana History Center

Event:              To visit the Kennedy Exhibit

May, 2012      Jean Gnat is coordinating this event – a work in progress

Date:               May ??, 2012

Time:              TBA

Location:         A state park – an overnight event