Communications Policy

The Senior Academy recognizes the importance of sharing timely and accurate information about the organization with its membership.  At the same time, the Senior Academy understands the interest of its members in limiting unwanted mailings and has established the following guidelines for use of its membership list and communication tools.

The Senior Academy maintains a list of its member contact information, including postal address, phone, and e-mail.  This information is used only for the benefit of the membership, including announcements, invitations and business-related needs of the organization.

The Senior Academy provides access to electronic discussion tools, such as the Information Sharing listserv, to those members interested in participating.  These tools will be moderated to ensure they are used for the purposes intended, are compliant with university and campus policies on use of technology, and serve their intended goals.

The Senior Academy maintains a website with information regarding the organization including bylaws, announcements of upcoming activities, membership and committee opportunities, and other information determined to be of use and/or interest to the membership.

The Senior Academy’s use or provision of electronic tools such as the website, discussion groups/listservs or other electronic methods shall remain compliant with IU’s policy on Appropriate Use of University Technology Resources.  This policy states that Indiana University technology resources may not be used in a manner that violates the law, for private commercial activities that are not approved by the university, for personal private gain, or for political campaigning and similar activities that are inconsistent with the university’s tax-exempt status.

The Senior Academy does not share member contact information with businesses, agencies, organizations, or other parties.

The website and other technologies are managed by the Senior Academy Communications Committee with support from members and university administration.  The Committee will review submissions for these resources on behalf of the Senior Academy, consistent with these guidelines.  Submissions or inquiries may be taken to the Executive Committee for review and approval as necessary.

In some cases the Senior Academy may make members aware of events or services provided by other university and community organizations that the Senior Academy leadership has determined may be of interest to the general membership.  However, this will be done directly by the Senior Academy without providing other organizations with direct access to the list of members or to the e-mail distribution list.

Adopted by the board August 14, 2008


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