Article I – Name

The Senior Academy of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is hereafter referred to as the Academy.

Article II – Mission and Objectives

The Academy is an independent association of retired faculty and staff who contribute their expertise and experience to IUPUI and the greater community.

The Academy, with the assistance of IUPUI, encourages and assists scholarly, professional, educational, and service interests of the members, enabling them to continue to contribute to the institution and the community.

The Academy also provides educational presentations, discussions, and trips of interest for the members to encourage active membership and to broaden their knowledge and understanding.

Article III – Membership

A. Membership shall be open to all retired faculty and staff of IUPUI who agree to make a commitment to the activities of the Academy and to pay dues as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the Academy.

B. First-year retirees are given one year free membership.

Article IV – Governance

Board of Directors

The Academy shall be governed by a fifteen (15) member Board consisting of retired faculty and staff members, elected by the membership of the Academy.

The Board should be representative of the Academy membership.

The Academy shall operate on the calendar of the University, i.e., July 1 through June 30.

Terms of Office of Board

Members of the Board are elected by the Academy and may be elected for two two-year consecutive terms.

An individual shall be eligible for re-election after being off the Board for a minimum of one year.

New members will assume responsibility at the next Board meeting after the Annual meeting.

Election of the Board

1. No later than March 15, the Nominating Committee, in conjunction with the Academy office, shall solicit Board and Officer nominations from all members of the Academy.

2. The Nominating Committee may also make nominations.

3. The Senior Sentinel may be used as a vehicle for the solicitation of nominations.

4. The list of nominations (ballot) for the Board shall be mailed to all members of the Academy no later than three weeks before the Academy Annual meeting and returned at least one week before the meeting.

5. Approximately one-half of the Board membership shall be elected

6. In the event of a vacancy:

a. The Nominating Committee shall nominate a replacement and the Board shall vote to fill the unexpired term.

b. A replacement representative who wishes to continue serving shall automatically begin serving the first full year term at the next annual meeting.

7. The Dean of Faculties at IUPUI shall be an ex-officio of the Board, without vote.


1. The Officers of the Academy shall be Board members and shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate for the election of the Officers of the Board and the Academy. Board members may offer further nominations.

3. Election of all Officers shall be held at the first Board meeting after the Annual meeting of the Academy in the spring.

4. In case of a delay in election of an Officer or Board member, the current member may continue in office beyond her/his four-year term until the election is completed.

5. No Officer should serve more than four consecutive one-year terms.

6. In the event that an officer resigns or becomes unable to function, the Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate for the Board to elect a successor to complete the term.

7. If the office of the President is vacated,

a. The Vice-President shall assume the office of President.

b. A new Vice-President shall be nominated from the Board and elected by the Board at their next meeting.

Duties of Officers

1. The President of the Board shall:

a. Preside at meetings of the Board and the Academy.

b. Be the primary representative of, and spokesperson for, the members of the Academy.

c. Set the agendas for meetings of the Board and the Academy.

d. Consult, as appropriate, with the University administration.

2. Vice President

The Vice-President of the Academy shall:

a. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

b. Carry out special duties as assigned by the President.

c. Become the President if the President resigns or is unable to function.

3. Secretary.

The Secretary of the Academy shall:

a. Monitor and review the minutes of the Board and Academy meetings.

b. Prepare and oversee the distribution of correspondence for the Academy as designated by the Board.

c. Report to the Board at each regular meeting on the correspondence sent and received.

4. Treasurer.

The Treasurer of the Academy shall:

a. Oversee the accounts of the Academy.

b. Provide a treasurer’s report to the Board at each regular meeting and to the Academy at the annual meeting.

5. The Dean of Faculties of IUPUI:

a. Shall serve as the administrative liaison to the Academy, unless notified differently by the University Administration.

b. Will authorize limited support for the Academy as needed and as deemed feasible by the University administration.

Article V – Standing Committees

A. Members of Standing Committees of the Academy and their Chairs shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board.

Executive Committee.

1. This Committee shall be the Officers and the immediate Past President (without vote).

2. It shall be delegated the power to act for the Board when the Board is not meeting.

3. The President shall brief the Board on activities of the Executive Committee at each meeting.


1. This committee shall develop and produce print publications of the Academy (e.g., a newsletter, brochures) and maintain and administer its electronic publications (e.g., website, listserv).

2. It shall develop and initiate other activities and written materials to communicate with Senior Academy members and to promote awareness about the Academy and its contributions to the University and the greater community to further the Mission and Objectives of the Academy.


1. This committee shall monitor the updating of the mailing lists of retired faculty and staff for the purpose of inviting them to participate in the Academy.

2. It shall also monitor and update the Academy membership list, acknowledging honors and deaths of members.

3. It shall participate in on-campus events as applicable.


1. The Nominating committee shall be the Executive Committee and up to two active members of the Academy who have served on the Board.

2. It shall select nominees whose experience and qualities meet the needs of the Academy.

3. The Academy elects the Board and the Board elects the officers.

4. It shall contact prospective nominees and obtain their consent to serve if elected.

5. It shall prepare and submit a report, which may include the reason for the selection of the nominees.

7. Election shall be by:

a. Voice vote if the slate is uncontested.

b. Secret vote if the slate is contested, and counted by the Secretary and Treasurer.


1. The committee shall recommend and develop programs consistent with the Mission and Objectives of the Academy.

2. The committee shall work with the Communications Committee to promote programs and other activities of the Academy.


1. This committee shall recommend and implement social events for the Academy membership.


1. This committee shall be responsible for evaluating all Academy scholarships.

2. The Chair of the Committee shall brief the Board on activities of the Scholarship Committee.

3. Academy Scholarships include:

a. Freshman Scholarship for a student from the Indianapolis Public Schools who shows potential for academic excellence.

b. Returning Student Scholarship for a student who dropped out of collegiate studies for at least five years.

c. Academic Scholarship for a graduating senior.

Bepko Community Medallion

1. This committee shall, at least once every three years, recommend to the Board a person in the community or in the University to receive the Gerald L. Bepko Community Medallion.

2. The award, created by the Academy in 2003, honors a person who has made a significant and ongoing commitment to strengthening the bonds between IUPUI and the Indianapolis Community.

3. The Committee shall coordinate the presentation of a lecture by the recipient of this award, if appropriate.

J. Last Lecture

1. This committee shall be responsible for organizing and implementing the annual Last Lecture. Duties include arranging for nomination and screening of candidates and for selection of the lecturer, working with the offices of the Dean of Faculties and the Chancellor on arrangements for the event, working with IUPUI communications staff and the Senior Academy Communications Committee to publicize the event, and performing other necessary tasks.

2. This committee shall maintain records in the Senior Academy office of the selection process and event arrangements for use by subsequent Boards.

Ad Hoc Committees

1. The President may appoint Ad Hoc committees as required.

Article VI – Meetings

A. There shall be meetings of the membership at least annually in the spring.

B. There shall be monthly meetings of the Board unless otherwise recommended by the President and approved by the Board.

C. A majority of all Board members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board.

D. The latest edition of Sturgis’ The Code of Parliamentary Procedure governs this organization in all parliamentary situations that are not provided for by law or these Bylaws.

Article VII – Bylaws & Amendments

A. Proposed amendments to these Bylaws may be brought to the Board by any member of the Academy.

B. Revised Bylaws and proposed amendments are approved when at least two-thirds of the Board members so affirm, and these are implemented immediately.

C. Copies of the amended Bylaws shall then be distributed to the members of the Academy at the annual meeting.


May 2, 1994; May 12, 1994; June 1, 1994; June 9, 1994; July 15,
1994; June 1, 1995; August 8, 1996; November 14, 1996; February
11, 1998; October 14, 1999; March 4, 2000; February 2004; April
12, 2007; May 14, 2009.