100 Acres – The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park

Gather at 10:00AM at the 38th Street Park Entrance for a docent led tour of the new 100 acre Art and Naure Park consisting of woodlands, wetlands, meadows,  a 35 acre lake, and  intriguing pieces of art with titles such as “Funky Bones”, “Eden II”, “Indianapolis Island”, and “Stratum Pier”.   

Park grounds are uneven, so wear shoes and clothing appropriate for hiking. 

Following the tour those who would like will  gather for lunch in the museum. Vehicles enter the park at the 38th Street Loop –  just east of White River.  It is clearly marked.  From the west, vehicles should enter the main IMA parking lot from 38th Street, turn around and go west on 38th Street to the Loop. The Park is handicapped accessible. 

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