Death of a SA Member

Guidelines for Responding to Death of Senior Academy Member

The Senior Academy establishes the following guidelines for responding to the death of a Senior Academy member who was active in the work of the organization, such as service on the board or chairing a committee.

The Senior Academy President (or designee) will send a letter of condolence on behalf of the organization to the deceased’s family, noting the contributions of the deceased to the Senior Academy and its members.

In the case of the death of the Senior Academy president or former president, a memorial donation may be made from Senior Academy funds to an organization designated by the family.  If no organization is identified, a memorial contribution may be made to the Senior Academy’s Scholarship fund.  Any donation will be accompanied by a request that the family be notified of the gift and contact information provided to the recipient organization.  The memorial donation is made in lieu of sending flowers.

The Senior Academy may make a memorial donation in honor of a Senior Academy member who, though not having served as president, made an extraordinary contribution to the organization.  Such action will require the approval of the executive committee.

The membership will be informed of the board’s action through the newsletter, website, and other appropriate methods.

Approved by Senior Academy Board