2011 Annual Committee Reports

IUPUI Senior Academy

President’s Report 2010-11

 The Senior Academy completes another successful year, thanks to the hard work of our committees and board members. I want to thank them for that effort on our behalf. I also want to thank Dottie Swinney for keeping the office in order and me on track.

The high points of the year include the third well-attended Last Lecture, this time with Dean emerita of the School of Nursing Angela McBride. Further success with the Last Lecture is that we have guaranteed funding through the IU Foundation and a set time established. We also have strong support from the Dean of Faculties office. The University clearly finds this to be a useful way to help bring the campus together. The Last Lecture Committee was headed by Golam Mannan.

 Continuing our service to the University is the ongoing work and fundraising with our three scholarships, now all funded to the $40,000 level. The University is including the scholarship funds in the Impact capital campaign. Thanks again to Art Mirsky and his committee.

 The Senior Academy will this year award the Bepko Community Medallion to Dr. George Rawls. Mark grove and the Medallion Committee did due diligence in selecting Dr. Rawls for his considerable service to both the University and the community.

 Carlyn Johnson did double duty this year heading both the Social and the Program Committees. The result was eight great events ranging from an overnight excursion to McCormick’s Creek State Park to our traditional and always well-attended Holiday Dinner. These events are both informative and help bring together the retired staff and faculty community. We have arranged to use the IUPUI facility at Park 100 for future meetings and events.

 All of these activities and events were supported by Walt Linne and his Communications Committee. Information is propagated through our listserve, direct mailings and our newly revamped website. We thank Jim Brown for his help in setting up the Senior Academy website using WordPress, a software package that makes it relatively easy to keep the site updated. We do note that support from the UITS has been slow to non-existent.

 The President and the Membership Committee Chair, Nick Kellum met with many about to retire faculty and staff members at the spring retirement seminar set up by Human Resources. The President also addressed the attendees at the university retirement luncheon. The Senior Academy is distinctly on the radar screen of university personnel and administration.

 There remains, of course, much to do. The committee yearly reports include sections that address issues needing attention. Maintaining our schedule of events and our service to the University will always require work and fine tuning in order to keep us responsive to shifting needs and concerns. This year I do believe we helped the Senior Academy move along that line. I again thank all who helped and wish the Senior Academy ongoing success.

 Submitted by Giles R. Hoyt

May 10, 2011


May 3, 2010

 Purpose of committee: “The Nominating committee shall select nominees whose experience and qualities meet the needs of the Academy.”

Committee Members: Committee Chair: William Bosron (chair), Giles Hoyt, Leon Rand, Margaret Applegate, Mark Grove, Harriet Wilkins

 List/explain the committee’s activities/accomplishments this year: The composition of the 15 member Board for 2011-12 will have the following groups of members: a) 8 members who are in the first year of their first or second term and do not need to be elected/reelected (Hoyt, Newhouse, Rand, Blake Bosron, Kellum, Linne and Mirsky), b) one member who is eligible to be reelected to a second two-year term (Johnson), c) 6 members who would be newly elected to the Board.  The current Board recognized that this is an unusually high number of new members to be elected and that it was in the best interest for the stability of the Academy Board to elect only 4 new members this year.  The Board recommended that two current Board members who will have served 4 years be asked to serve one additional year.  

 The Nominating Committee posted an announcement on March 6 and sent an email to the Academy requesting nominations for the Board.  The Nominating Committee met on March 22, 2011 and identified 8 individuals to be contacted to see if they would serve on the Board starting in 2011.  The following 4 individuals agreed to stand for nomination: Rose Mays (Nursing), Rebecca VanVoorhis (Social Work), Rosalie Vermette (Foreign Languages), Jeff Vessley (Education).  The ballots went out by email to the Academy on Sunday, April 24, 2011 and are due by Monday, May 9, 2011.  Those members without an email address received the ballot by mail.  At the time of the Board meeting on April 27, 2011, we had about 35 ballots returned.  The new Board members will be announced at the May 12, 2011 Annual Meeting.

 Recommendations for Next Year’s Committee: Unfortunately, two staff members declined to be nominated for the Board.  We recommend that next year’s committee identify more staff members to be contacted to serve on the Board.

 Comments:  The Committee was very pleased with the quality of the nominees who agreed to stand for nomination to the Board.  The Committee would like to thank Walt Linne for organizing the email vote and we recommend using email as the preferred method of communication of ballots to the Academy.

 Prepared by: Bill Bosron

Annual Report of the

IUPUI Senior Academy Last Lecture Committee

 Chair:  Golam Mannan

Members:  Bill Bosron, Mark Grove, Joe Hintgen, Bill Voos, and Harriet Wilkinson

 In a meeting with Executive Vice Chancellor Uday Shukhatme and Vice Chancellor Amy Warner it was decided that the Last Lecture will be held on the last Friday of March every year. Accordingly the Last Lecture was held Friday, March 25th this year.  Dr. Angela McBride, retired University Dean of the IU School of Nursing was the speaker. More than hundred people were in attendance.  The speech has been posted at both the Senior Academy and the You Tube web sites.   There were five nominees.  Two of them withdrew because of schedule inconvenience but were willing to be considered another time.

Three members of the Academy Board (Giles Hoyt, Bill Bosron and Golam Mannan) met with IU Foundation Vice President Dee Metaj and Director of Planned Giving Shelly Hunter.  Vice President Metaj promised to support the Last Lecture with an honorarium of $1500.00 dollars for the speaker every year. We are very grateful for the support.

As always Sue Herrel and Susan Christian from Vice Chancellor Uday Shukhatme’s office and Suzanne Vick from Vice Chancellor Amy Warner’s office were highly instrumental in making the Last Lecture a highly successful event. It would have been highly difficult, if not impossible to stage the event without them. I am especially grateful to them for this.

The Last Lecture has established itself as an annual event.  It is important to keep the tradition alive and look for well-respected and talented speakers for the lecture.

 Submitted by

Golam Mannan


IUPUI Senior Academy

May 2011

 Bepko Community Medallion Committee

 Purpose of committee:  The purpose of the Bepko Community Medallion is to honor a person who has made a significant and ongoing commitment to strengthening the bonds between IUPUI and the larger community.  The Committee is responsible for recommending a recipient to the Senior Academy Board.

 Committee Members:  Mark Grove, Carlyn Johnson, Milton Miller, Amy Warner, Henry Wellman

 Committee Chair:  Mark Grove

 Committee activities and accomplishments this year:

Dr. George Rawls was selected as the recipient of the medallion.  After a 34-year career as an accomplished surgeon in Indianapolis, Dr. Rawls served as the Assistant Dean and Clinical Professor of Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine for five years before retiring and retaining these titles with emeritus status.  He has served as president of the Indianapolis and Indiana State Medical Societies and delegate to the National Medical Association and the American Medical Association. He was a member of the Indiana State Medical Licensure Board for 9 years. He has been president of the Aesculapian Medical Society.

 He has been honored with two Sagamore of the Wabash awards by Indiana governors as well receiving honorary degrees from Florida A & M University and Indiana University.  He has published a number of books and regularly speaks on topics such as “The History of the Black Physician in Indianapolis.”

 Dr. Rawls continues to serve as a mentor to medical students and young physicians.

 Recommendations for next year’s Committee:

Call a meeting of the Committee in the fall to consider possible recipients.  Solicit names from a variety of sources, including the Senior Academy Board.  In looking for a recipient, continue to strike a balance between IUPUI-related individuals who have reached out to the community and community members who have also been involved with IUPUI.


The bylaws require that the medallion be awarded at least once every three years. Consider possible recipients for future years.

 Mark Grove, Committee Chair

1 May, 2011

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