Brown competes in the Regatta

Nick Moreland and Jim Brown lead their heat in the 2010 Regatta. Photo by Mike Wolanin.

Jim Brown’s team, the Jour-Strokers, had the 15th fastest time of 96 teams in the 2010 Regatta held September 25 on the canal. At a practice the night before, a competing team participant observing Brown’s start said, “Wow this is really hard-core. Look at that old man go!”

The Jour-Strokers were second in their heat. Brown’s first half split for the quarter mile was 3:20. Other team members were Marcos Dominguez, an alum of the School of Journalism, and Denis Jimenez and Zach Furman both student in journalism. Moreland, Dominguez, Jimenez and Fuhrman are Brown’s former students. The pictures were made by Mike Wolanin, also one of Brown’s students.

Jim Brown and Nick Moreland, journalism major, prepare to race. Photo by Mike Wolanin.

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