2010 Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indianapolis Athenaeum

Board Members present

Margaret Applegate, Noel Duerden, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Golam Mannan, Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand, William Voos, Harriet Wilkins

Board Member absent

Ted Cutshall

Total Attendance

31 Senior Academy Members, 16 Guests

Call to order

President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 2:30 P.M.

President’s Welcome

Harriet Wilkins reviewed the Senior Academy events and achievements of the 2009-2010 academic year.  It was a very positive year, thanks to the dedicated work of committees members on the various the Scholarship, Membership, Nominating, Finance, Last Lecture, Social, Program, and Communications committees.  Harriet mentioned, particularly, the second Last Lecture by Professor Emerita Jan Shipps; many well-attended social events and programs and the progress in communications, including the listserv and improved Senior Sentinel, which is available in paper and electronic formats.  She thanked the committee chairs and members for their work and pointed out that print summaries of committee accomplishments were placed on each table.

Harriet praised the cooperation and generous support of Chancellor Bantz and Dean Sukhatme in all Senior Academy projects, and   announced that the Chancellor and Dean send greetings, although due to other commitments, they were not able to attend the Senior Academy annual meeting.  She introduced Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean of Faculties Mary L. Fisher.

Greetings from the Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties

Dr. Mary Fisher brought greetings from Chancellor Bantz and Dean Uday Sukhatme, who is in India attending to family matters following the death of his mother.  She reviewed the changes in the past year, the new degree programs at IUPUI and the physical growth of the campus.  Of particular note are the building projects connected with medical education and service: the alliance of Indiana University School of Medicine and Hospital, Riley Hospital, Wishard Hospital and Methodist Hospital and the change from the Clarian Healthcare designation to Indiana University Healthcare.  Next fall, IUPUI’s enrollment is projected to top 31,000.

Program:  “Lives in Retirement: Venturing Beyond the Ordinary”

Harriet announced that, since the committee reports are available in printed format, the board decided on a change of pace for this year’s annual meeting.  Two Senior Academy retirees who have undertaken new ventures spoke about their post-retirement activities.  Dr. Valerie Chang retired from the IU School of Social Work in 2006 and accepted an invitation for teach a course on social work pedagogy at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.  She has taught the course for three semesters in one of poorest countries in the world, and she has met friendly colleagues and students who are serious, fully engaged, and eager to strive for perfection.  Since retiring from the School of Liberal Arts in 2002, Dr. Patrick McGeever has written 16 plays, many of which have been produced in Indianapolis.  His new one-act comedy, “David Austin,” read by Mary and Mark Grove, with McGeever reading the stage directions, involved a murder plot with a humorous outcome.

Announcement of Scholarship Winners

Committee chair Arthur Mirsky announced that the IPS Freshman Scholarship had been awarded to Binal Pandya, who plans to enroll at IUPUI as a Biology-pre-Med major.  The Academic Scholarship was awarded to William Karr, Mathematics major.  The Returning-Student scholarship was not awarded this year.

Senior Academy Future and Retiring Board Members

Current board members serving through 2011 are Marge Applegate, Ted Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Carlyn Johnson, and Golam Mannan.  Elected to serve through 2012 are Patricia Blake, William Bosron, Giles Hoyt, Nicholas Kellum, Walt Linne, Arthur Mirsky, Shirley Newhouse, and Leon Rand. The following retiring board members were recognized:  Joseph Hingtgen, Sheldon Siegel, William Voos, and Harriet Wilkins.

Officer Nominees for 2010-2011

The Nominating committee endorsed the following Senior Academy candidates for next academic year:

President: Giles Hoyt; Vice President: William Bosron; Secretary: Marge Applegate; Treasurer: Leon Rand.  Election of officers will be held at the June 10 board meeting.

Adjournment and Reception

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m. followed by a reception featuring traditional German food and a tour of the historic Athenaeum building provided by Giles Hoyt.

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