Board Meeting June 10, 2010

Board Members Present: Marge Applegate, Shirley Newhouse, Golam Mannan, Bill Bosron, Joe Hingtgen, Bill Voos, Ted Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Giles Hoyt, Harriet Wilkins, Nick Kellum, Carlyn Johnson, Shelton Siegel

Board Members Absent: Art Mirsky, Pat Blake, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Leon Rand, Walter Linne.

Committee Chairs Present: Jean Gnat
Hero Staff Member Present: Dottie Swinney

Call to Order: President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 10:06 am

Board Members for 2010-2011 were introduced:

  • Patricia Blake (Nursing)*
  • Leon Rand (Administration)
  • William Bosron (Medicine)*
  • Marge Applegate (Nursing)
  • Giles Hoyt (Liberal Arts)
  • Ted Cutshall (Science)
  • Nicholas Kellum (Physical Education)*
  • Noel Duerden (Communications)
  • Walter Linne (Telecommunications)*
  • Mark Grove (Administration)
  • Arthur Mirsky (Science)*
  • Mary Grove (Administration)
  • Shirley Newhouse (Medicine)
  • Carlyn Johnson (SPEA)
  • Golam Mannan (Education)

* = new members of the Board

Thanks were expressed for the service of those leaving the Board with the hope that all will remain active members of the Senior Academy.

Meetings: It was noted that the Board meets the second Thursday of each month (except July) in the Glendale Library at 10:00 am.

Approval of the minutes: The May, 2010 minutes were approved by e-mail. It was noted that the minutes are often reviewed and approved via e-mail so that they can go up on our web site as soon as possible. The secretary requested that those who give reports provide a written summary for the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:
Shirley Newhouse reported on the state of the treasury.

  • Senior Academy Fund: Balance at end of fiscal year: $5,727.80
  • Scholarship fund for a returning student: $45,745.78
  • Scholarship fund for an IPS student: $37,713.23
  • Scholarship fund for Academic scholar: $39,327.71
  • Senior Academy Checking Account: $6,327.07 ($1,082.26 in outstanding checks remain)

President’s report:
Harriet Wilkins reported that the annual report has been sent to Dean of Faculties Uday Sukhatme who sent a very positive response.

The Last Lecture plaque has been completed and was presented. It will be placed in the SA room in the Campus Center.

Many compliments were received regarding the annual meeting location and menu as well as the meeting format and annual report. Thanks were extended to all who made it such a success. Eight to ten people remained after the meeting to tour the Athenaeum guided by Giles Hoyt.

Members of the Board expressed gratitude to Harriet Wilkins for her very successful term as president and for her hard work in the interest of the Senior Academy.
Harriet requested that we review the recommendations from the annual report:

Review of recommendations from annual reports:
SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Art Mirsky Chair. There were no recommendations, but it was noted that there are issues with the returning student scholarship. There was no winner this year as all applicants had already returned to IUPUI and had completed courses. The committee believes this to be a communication and marketing issue with a possible need to revisit the criteria. The committee plans to address this issue and seek resolution.
PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Carlyn Johnson Chair:
1. Add structure or time frames to events that seem open-ended so people know what to expect.
2. Events of more general interest should be pursued
Some events need clarification of where SA people should meet especially when the event is open to the public. This will be addressed.
The Program and Social Committee chairs will meet to determine details re dates for fall and spring events. Two activities are usually presented by each committee in the fall and spring plus the Christmas dinner.
There were no formal recommendations. It was determined that the Program Committee and Social Committee will each do 4 activities (2 fall and 2 spring each) plus the Christmas dinner. Jean suggested that a new chair be found as soon as possible so that plans can progress. She will meet with the new chair to share information and materials.
Food and opportunities for socialization are important to a good turn-out and day time events are more likely to achieve attendance than evening events (exception: Christmas dinner).
G. Mannan suggested a golf outing be considered – perhaps in April.
M. Grove was suggested as a committee member: Giles Hoyt will approach her.
1. Activate changes to the SA Website
2. Encourage greater participation from Board members in contributing articles for the newsletter.
3. Develop a communications plan that will provide guidelines for general communications to the Board,
Members, and the public.
Walter was not in attendance, but it was noted additional committee members are welcome and needed.
1. Establish the date for the Last Lecture asap in cooperation with IUPUI Administration
2. The SA should assume responsibility for soliciting nominations from the entire campus
Community and, if possible, send nomination requests directly to faculty and staff.
Golam reported that there is a need to establish a set time and location for the Last Lecture. He and Giles will meet with Dean Sukhatme to discuss this issue and seek resolution. The second week in April was suggested as a possible date.
They (Mannan/Hoyt) will also seek access to a list serve so that a call for nominations can be sent directly to faculty and staff.
There is a need to establish direct access to appropriate avenues for public announcements of the Last Lecture as it is an open event.
There is a need for “carry over” committee members to ensure continuity of work. The committee needs and would welcome additional members. Bill Bosron volunteered to join the committee
This is now a standing committee and needs to be so recorded.
1. Continue special effort to seek committed members who represent the rich diversity of the campus community faculty and staff.
2. Clarify instructions on e-mail voting to avoid any possible confusion during balloting.
3. Allow plenty of lead time to set up nominee slates and to contact nominees to avoid
possible last minute problems.
Bill reported that this was our first year to use an e-mail vote. Some bugs needed to be worked out and the committee will work to clarify instructions for the e-mail vote – a work in progress.
He recommends that the committee meet early and elect a chair to avoid any last minute complications.
There should be an effort to reflect the diverse character of the campus community in the nominations.
1. Annual letters should include the newly compiled lists of past SA educational and social activities as well as planned activities.
2. Members should be encouraged to “talk up” SA activities whenever possible to IUPUI retirees to encourage additional membership or greater participation in the SA.
3. Continue participation in the annual IUPUI spring retirement program – excellent recruitment tool.
Joe reported that the list of past educational and social activities is a valuable tool in recruiting new members. It should be included in the annual letter if possible. Committee involvement in the spring retirement event is also an excellent opportunity to recruit. There is a video that was used this year that is very helpful as well. Eighty five letters/forms were sent out this year with 20 responses. We lose about that many (20) members by attrition each year, so we about break even.
Nick Kellum agreed to chair the committee for 2010-2011
1. Call a meeting of the committee in the fall to consider possible recipients. (E-mail solicitations
have not resulted in any candidates)
Mark was not here to report
1. Review the budgetary process.
2. Establish 2010-11 budget
Giles reported that the committee needs to be a standing committee. It was suggested that the treasurer chair the committee.
Last year data were in flux, so a firm budget was not achieved though one was drafted. We now have resolved some data issues and can set a firm budget.
We continue to honor SA members who die with a donation to a scholarship in the member’s school. Our problem is that we don’t always know when this needs to be done.
President Wilkins reported that “A volunteer” parking is available to SA members for $83. These can be obtained at the Parking Office east of the School of Dentistry.

New Officers slate for 2010-2011 was presented:

  • President: Giles Hoyt
  • Treasurer: Leon Rand
  • Vice President: William Bosron
  • Secretary: Margaret Applegate

The slate was approved by unanimous vote and the gavel was passed from Harriet Wilkins to Giles Hoyt with accolades to Harriet.

New President’s business:
Giles will send an e-mail to all SA members to solicit committee members and chairs. The Board members are encouraged to assist in identifying potential committee members and chairs.

The Glendale Library meeting room will be reserved for the third Tuesday of October, November, January and March for the Program Committee as soon as possible. (Tentative and will await the decision of the two chairs re which months will be program and which will be social)
Tony Bennett was suggested as a program speaker and this will be investigated further.
The Art Park was suggested as a possible social event for September. Both a Jaguar event and golf event were suggested. It was also suggested that these could be joint events with the Faculty Club.

Bepko Medallion
There is a need for a change in the bylaws to accommodate the language for the Bepko Medallion. It was moved and seconded (C. Johnson/G. Mannan) that the By-laws be changed to state that the purpose of the Bepko Medallion is to recognize individuals who “strengthen the bond between IUPUI and the larger community”.
Motion passed

It was moved and seconded (G. Mannan/C. Johnson) that the meeting adjourn.
Motion passed at 11:40 am.

Respectfully submitted
Margaret Applegate, Secretary

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