Board Meeting May 13, 2010

Board members present: Marge Applegate, Ted Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Mary Grove, Joe Hingtgen, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Golam Mannan, Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand, Sheldon Siegel, Bill Voos, Harriet Wilkins
Board member absent: Mark Grove
Committee Chair present: Walt Linne

Call to order
President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the April 8, 2010, board meeting had been approved by email.
President’s report
President Harriet Wilkins announced that the next board meeting will be held on June 10 at 10:00 A.M., with members of the current board and new board members. The major agenda items will be election of new officers and planning for next year. Harriet thanked the board for good service and faithful attendance at meetings. She complimented members who worked on the Last Lecture and the overnight at Turkey Run State Park and informed the board that two key committee members, Jean Gnat and Noel Duerden, wish to retire from their positions and will need to be replaced.

Treasurer’s report
Treasurer Shirley Newhouse distributed Treasurer’s reports from April 1- April 30, 2010 and commented that the market value of all funds had risen. Balances were as follows: Senior Academy fund: $6,576; Returning Student Scholarship account: $45,075; IPS Scholarship account: $37,211; Academic Scholarship account: $38,975; and Senior Academy checking account $6,127. This year’s scholarship awards haven’t been deducted, and Shirley will remind the Foundation to do so. A brief discussion followed regarding differences in investment income of the scholarships funds. Shirley said that the Foundation manages the investments. Shirley and Leon Rand agreed to discuss this question with the Foundation.

Last Lecture report
Committee chair Golam Mannan reported on a very successful 2010 Last Lecture by Professor Emerita of History and Religious Studies Jan Shipps, held on April 30 in the IUPUI Library’s Lilly Auditorium. There was a full house, with many of Jan’s former students, family, friends, faculty and staff from the IUPUI and Bloomington campuses. The office of Dean of Faculties Uday Sukhatme generously paid for the reception, parking, and other expenses; and the IU Foundation awarded the speaker’s honorarium. Recordings of Jan’s talk were made, one of which will be placed in the Senior Academy files

Nominating Committee report
Chair Bill Voos reported that the election of new board members had been completed. The committee had made the following nominations for 2010-2011 board members to serve two-year terms beginning July 1, 2010:
Patricia Blake (Nursing), William Bosron (Medicine), Giles Hoyt (Liberal Arts), Nicholas Kellum (Physical Educations ), Walt Linne (Telecommunications), Art Mirsky (Science), Shirley Newhouse (Medicine), Leon Rand (Administration).
Ballots were sent to SA members by email or regular mail, and 60 responded. All nominees were elected.

The Nominating Committee also presented a slate of officers nominees for 2010-2011. They are:
President-Giles Hoyt
Vice President: William Bosron
Secretary: Margaret Applegate
Treasurer: Leon Rand
Officers will be elected at the SA board meeting on June 10, 2010.

Annual Meeting Committee report
The Senior Academy annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 26, from 2:30-4:30 P.M. Giles Hoyt reviewed the parking, menu, and accommodations to be provided by the Athenaeum. Because of a death in the family, Dean Sukhatme will not be available to speak; however, a representative of his office will be invited to bring greetings. The committee was pleased with the response for volunteers who will give brief talks about their post-retirement activities. The speakers will be Valerie Chang (Social Work) who is a visiting professor at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, and Patrick McGeever (Political Science and Liberal Arts) who will present a reading for his latest play.

Harriet asked for volunteers to greet attendees and assist Dottie Swinney with distributing nametags. She also asked for readers for roles in the McGeever play. Several people volunteered. Annual reports will be available on the tables. Various members suggested that a number of people who have been especially supportive of SA in the past year should be invited to the annual meeting. They include Susan Christian, Bill Heller, Sue Herrell, Shelley Hunter, Suzanne Vick, and Kevin Walsh.

Scholarship Committee report
Marge Applegate reported that the committee has agreed on scholarship recipients and is awaiting acceptances.

Communications Committee report
Walt Linne reported that the committee needs a volunteer to replace Neal Duerden, who has done an excellent job writing and editing the Senior Sentinel, which in the past year has taken a substantial leap forward by using the web-based format. Walt reported that the committee will look for people to centralize the communications process, handle publicity and promotion, and manage the Senior Academy web site. Walt also wants to initiate a Senior Academy letterhead and a symbol, which might be used on a pin.

Other Business
• Giles Hoyt, Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand, and Harriet Wilkins agreed to meet to work out a budget for next year.
• Harriet relayed the suggestion that a plaque listing the recipients of the Bepko Medallion should be produced and placed in the Senior Academy room in the Campus Center.
• Noel Duerden suggested that there should recognition of past SA presidents.
• Harriet Wilkins agreed to send a special note of condolence to Dean Sukhatme.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 A.M.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Grove, Secretary

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