Board Meeting November 12, 2009

Board members present: Noel Duerden, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Joe Hingtgen, Carlyn Johnson, Golam Mannan, Shirley Newhouse, Dick Patterson, Leon Rand, Sheldon Siegel, Bill Voos, Harriet Wilkins

Members absent: Marge Applegate, Ted Cutshall, Giles Hoyt

Call to order
President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 10:05 A.M.

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the September 10, 2009, board meeting had been approved by email. The board did not meet in October.
President’s report
President Harriet Wilkins suggested that future board minutes could be approved by email, since they are emailed to board members while the meeting is still fresh in their minds. Corrections or additions could be sent to the secretary, and corrected minutes could be approved and posted on the SA Website promptly. After discussion, the board agreed to review and approve e-mailed minutes.

Harriet complimented Carlyn Johnson, chair of the Program Committee for arranging programs that are popular with Senior Academy members. There were 35 attendees at the September program on health care reform and 30 attendees at the October program on managing retirement accounts.

Harriet reported that at this point, 46 SA members have pledged $21,252 to the United Way campaign. This total is somewhat diminished from last year’s pledges of $30,613 from 54 donors. Leon Rand and Mark Grove mentioned the possibility that some pledges may be not be recorded under SA but in another academic or administrative unit where the SA member worked before retirement. After a discussion, the board members agreed that SA should not send another letter reminding members to support the United Way campaign.

Treasurer’s report
Treasurer Shirley Newhouse distributed reports from September and October. As of October 31, 2009, balances were as follows: Senior Academy Fund: $5396.39; Returning Student Scholarship account: $39,626.27; IPS Scholarship account: $34,918.69; Academic Scholarship account: $ 37,175.99; Senior Academy checking account: $6,043.47. Shirley reported that $2,000 in each scholarship fund had not yet been deducted from those accounts to reimburse the university for this year’s scholarships. Shirley will ask the Foundation to release those awards.

Leon Rand asked for a clarification of the communication between the Foundation, Kevin (the Academic Affairs account manger) and Shirley. When people donate to the SA scholarship funds, SA currently doesn’t get their names, and that part of the report is missing. Shirley was asked to check with Kevin to clarify this matter.

Bill Voos brought up another issue: the cost of the 2009 annual meeting. Formerly, those costs had been paid by the Chancellor’s account, but this year’s meeting costs were charged to SA. The board asked Shirley to request an itemized bill for $970.82 in annual meeting charges so we can use that information in planning future campus functions.

Membership Committee Report
Chair Joe Hingtgen reported the current membership numbers. The grand total is 293 members, of which 15 are new members and 142 are Life members. The Membership Committee has sent two letters asking the new retirees, who have a one-year free membership, to consider becoming paid members.

Program Committee Report
On January 19, 2010, Professor Tom DeCoster will speak on the new generation of college graduates. His talk is titled “The Millennials are Coming.” In planning a future program, chair Carlyn Johnson has talked to Marilyn Schultz, an expert on state and local government, to speak about Indiana’s governmental system, last year’s Kernan-Shepard report on streamlining local government, including a review of the value of Township Trustees.

Social Committee Report
Mary Grove reported on past and upcoming activities: Despite very inclement weather, 23 people attended the October 8 tour of the Sampler Furniture Factory in Homer, Indiana, followed by lunch in Metamora. Thirty-five people have made reservations for the November 18 event, a tour of the exhibit “Sacred Spain: Art and Belief in the Spanish World” at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The annual SA holiday dinner will be held on December 9 at Hollyhock Hill. On February 16, 2010, SA members will gather for a lunch at Charbonos and a slide program commemorating 15 years of SA events. In March, there will be a program by the Ensemble Music Society. The final social event will be an overnight stay at Turkey Run State Park on May 6-7.

Carlyn Johnson suggested that, in planning next year’s offerings, the Social Committee might consider the Metropolitan Opera programs shown on a big screen at the Regal movie theater on 96th and I-69 and at the AMC theater in Castleton. She praised to the quality of the opera programs.

Other Business
Noel Duerden suggested that SA might send an end-of-year letter to SA members asking them to consider contributions to the scholarship funds. Discussion followed, supporting that idea, since many people ramp up their charitable giving at the end of the year and consider tax breaks for supporting higher education. Harriet said that she will touch base with Art Mirsky with the plan to send a scholarship-support letter on December 1.

The board agreed to cancel the December meeting. The next meeting will be January 14, 2010.

The meeting adjourned at l0:50 A.M.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Grove, Secretary

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