Board Meeting September 10, 2009

Board members present: Marge Applegate, Ted Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Mary Grove, Joe Hingtgen, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson,
Leon Rand, Bill Voos, Sheldon Siegel, Harriet Wilkins
Members absent: Mark Grove, Golam Mannan, Shirley Newhouse, Dick Patterson,
Committee Chair present: Walt Linne

Call to order
President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the August 13, 2009 board meeting were approved.
President’s report
President Harriet Wilkins reported that she had met with Chris Maraldo to discuss the University College STAR program. STAR is a one-on-one mentoring program for students who have been on probation or are near probation status. The program is seeking volunteer mentors who will meet with, advise, and motivate students. It is not a tutoring program. Chris would like to come to a future Senior Academy meeting to talk about the program. Noel Duerden suggested that an article in the Sentinel may attract some volunteers.

Harriet said that the United Way Campaign mailing had gone out to Senior Academy members and, in the past, members had responded generously.

President Harriet Wilkins and Vice President Giles Hoyt reported that they had met with Dean Uday Sukhatme to discuss the relationship of the Senior Academy to the University. The Dean was particularly pleased by the success of the Last Lecture program last spring and will support this program again this academic year. They also talked about ways in which the Academy may be able to contribute to the new RISE (Research-International-Service -Experiential Learning) program

Leon Rand mentioned that there were many new University units and programs like RISE. He asked whether the Senior Academy Program Committee might consider offering a program to acquaint members with activities that have been created since most of us retired. Carlyn Johnson suggested that such a program could be presented next spring, after the currently scheduled programs have been completed.

Giles Hoyt pointed out that the Faculty Club offers many interesting programs and that Senior Academy members receive special membership advantages, including a lower dues rate. He suggested that information about Faculty Club membership should be shared with SA members.

Treasurer’s report
President Wilkins distributed the report prepared by Treasurer Shirley Newhouse. As of August 31, 2009, balances were as follows: Senior Academy Fund: $6,056.97; Returning Student Scholarship account: $37,705.17; IPS Scholarship account: $33,351.42: Academic Scholarship account: $ 36,079.81.

Membership Committee Report
Chair Joe Hingtgen reported for the committee (Joe Hingtgen, Marge Applegate, and Ted Cutchall). There are 278 members, of which 135 are life members, 113 are annual members, and 30 are unpaid. There are 67 members who received free memberships for 2008-9 and 2009-10. Renewal letters have been sent. And the committee plans to send a letter to life members, reminding them of the benefits of Senior Academy.

A discussion followed regarding whether the Senior Academy should acknowledge the death of a member by sending a sympathy card to relatives. After discussion, it was decided that whenever the Senior Academy is made aware of a member’s death (which is not always possible), a sympathy card will be sent to the family. Bill Voos reminded the board of a protocol approved in the past year for deceased members who had undertaken leadership roles and made significant contributions to the Senior Academy.

Joe also noted that the Membership Committee members had discussed the idea of sending letter to “lapsed” members, but decided that, based on prior experience, the efficacy was doubtful with only a few responses to hundreds of letters sent.

Program Committee
Chairperson Carlyn Johnson reported on the programs for September and October. On September 29 at 10:15 A.M., Dr. David Orenthlicher will discuss the current national debate about health care reform. On October 20 at 10:15 A.M., four financial experts will discuss “Managing Your Retirement Account.” The speakers are consultants from Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF and the director of retirement programs from IUPUI Human Resources. January’s program will feature Professor Tom DeCoster.

Social Committee
Mary Grove reported that 43 Senior Academy members registered for the September 11 campus bus tour followed by a presentation of IUPUI’s Master Plan for the Future by Professor of Business Administration and Chancellor’s Office Chief of Staff. The bus transportation, tour guides, parking fees, and meeting room were donated to Senior Academy.

Last Lecture Committee
Harriet Wilkins reported for Golam Mannan. The first Lecture was clearly a success. In addition, the Last Lecture Committee learned some lessons and, as a result, the schedule will be modified.

Invitations for nominations will go out in December, with a February 1 deadline for submissions. During the first week of February, the screening committee will select candidates, and last year’s finalists will be invited to apply. Nominees will be asked for a dossier and summary of their proposed lecture. During the first week of March, the screening committee will send candidates to the selection committee, consisting of three active faculty, three retired faculty, and one student. No members of the selection committee will be from the candidates’ schools. The selection committee will notify the chosen speaker on March 6. The Last Lecture will be held on April 16, 2010.

The board had a brief discussion about awarding a medal or plaque to the Last Lecturer.

Other Business
Walt Linne and the board members complimented Noel Duerden on the excellent Senior Sentinel. Walt reported that Judy Silence is updating the Website. Walt is talking with Jim Brown, retired Dean of Journalism, about lending his talents to improve Senior Academy communications.

Harriet Wilkins announced that a budget committee had been appointed, chaired by Giles Hoyt, with members Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand and Walt Linne.

Bill Voos moved and Giles Hoyt seconded adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at ll:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Grove, Secretary

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