Board Meeting August 13, 2009

Board members present: Marge Applegate, Noel Duerden, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Shirley Newhouse, Dick
Patterson, Leon Rand, Bill Voos, Harriet Wilkins
Members absent: Ted Cutshall, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Joe Hingtgen, Golam Mannan, Sheldon Siegel
Committee Chair present: Walt Linne

Call to order
President Harriet Wilkins called the meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the June 24, 2009 board meeting, approved by email prior to this meeting,
were affirmed.
President’s report
President Wilkins reported that she and Vice President Giles Hoyt recently met with Dean
Uday Sukhatme to discuss the relationship of the Senior Academy to the University. He
was particularly pleased by the success of the Last Lecture program last spring and will
support this program again this year. Ways in which the Academy may be able to
contribute to the new Research International Service and Experiential Learning program
(RISE) were also explored.

Leon Rand mentioned that there were many new University units and programs like RISE and asked if the Academy might consider offering a program to acquaint members with these activities that have been created since most of us retired. If it isn’t a part of our September 11th tour of the campus and information about the IUPUI master plan, Carlyn Johnson suggested that this could be presented next spring after the currently scheduled programs have been completed.

Giles Hoyt pointed out that the Faculty Club offers programs of this type and that Senior
Academy members receive special membership advantages, including a lower dues rate.
It was suggested that information about Club membership should be shared with our members.

Treasurer’s report
Treasurer Shirley Newhouse reported that as of June 30th, 2009, balances were as follows; Senior Academy Fund: $5,727.80, Returning Senior Scholarship account: $35,568.61, IPS Scholarship account: $31,689.84, Senior Academic Scholarship account: $ 34,917.75 and Senior Academy account: $5,678.47. The dues total as of June 30th was $1420. The cost of the Bepko Medallion for Dr. Robert Einterz was $351.48.

There was a discussion concerning which accounts should be used to provide money for
our scholarships now that they are at least partially endowed. (They were completely
endowed last summer prior to losses sustained because of the current economic situation.)
The Board wants the money taken from the three scholarship accounts, even if it is necessary to supplement the scholarship accounts with funding from the general Senior Academy account during these financially difficult times. Shirley will meet with Kevin Walsh to be sure this is taken care of according to the wishes of the Board. Also, Shirley reported that because of the high cost of having our deposit checks printed with the name of the organization, we will forgo this process in the future.

Program Committee
Chairperson Carlyn Johnson reported the following schedule for the coming year: September 11, tour of the IUPUI campus and a presentation on the master plan by Dr. Roger Schmenner (jointly planned with the Social Committee); September 29, health care reform, Dr. David Orenthlicher; October, TIAA-Cref adviser Michael Charles and January, Tom Decoster will speak on the Millenium Generation. Dovetailing with these programs will be Social Committee events in November; a trip to the IMA; December, the annual holiday dinner and the Last Lecture in the spring.

Dick Patterson suggested that a presentation on new IUPUI programs and departments be
presented in March and this was well-received.

Harriet stated that Jean Gnat will continue as Social Committee Chairperson and that
Golam Mannan will again chair the Last Lecture Committee.

Old Business
Noel Duerden asked whether contact information, such as board member telephone
numbers and email addresses should be listed in the Sentinel. Dick Patterson explained
his initial concern because the Sentinel is now being published online as well as on paper
and information can easily be picked up by “spammers”, but agreed that it is now too late
to avoid this possibility because the information is already on line. Following discussion
of the value of making this information available to the membership a motion was made
by Giles Hoyt and seconded by Shirley Newhouse that: “The Senior Academy Board
Member email addresses and telephone numbers will be published in the Sentinel, including the on-line version, unless members object to the inclusion of their own information.” The motion passed unanimously. (This rescinds the policy set by a motion passed last spring which stated that this material was not to be published on line.)

Harriet said that many new retirees fail to acknowledge our free first year membership and
asked if Board Members thought they should still receive Academy benefits, such as
reduced parking permit fees and invitation to our activities. Following discussion, it was
decided that free membership should not be activated until membership forms are
completed and returned to the Senior Academy office.

New Business
Harriet is setting up a Budget Committee which will be chaired by Giles Hoyt, with
members Shirley Newhouse, Leon Rand and Walt Linne to study our budgeting
procedures. A Mentoring Committee will also be set up and the Last Lecture Committee
will be chaired by Golam Mannan again, with Mark Grove and Joe Hingtgen serving as
members. Harriet will also pull together a committee to secure more detailed committee
report information.

A move to adjourn was made by Leon Rand, seconded by Bill Voos and passed at
11:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted
Bill Voos, acting secretary for Mary Grove

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