2009 SA Membership Survey

The Senior Academy conducted a survey of its membership in April 2009.  The survey was designed to assess members’ satisfaction with current programming and services as well as to solicit ideas for future activities.  Just over 100 of the members responded, 31% of the total membership.

Members were most interested in planned group outings such as trips to museums and in presentations on financial-related topics.  They also expressed significant interest in programs that draw on the expertise, avocations, and hobbies of fellow members and in presentations on health-related topics.   The complete rankings and points awarded appear below and a list of the programs and presentations may be found on the Academy’s Website.

Total Points
129 Planned Group Outings
125 Financial-related presentations
110 Presentations on expertise, avocations, hobbies
105 Health related
91 Meals at restaurants
88 Outdoor/Sports activities
60.5 Picnic (pitch-in)
55.5 Picnic (catered)
49 Visiting housebound members
44.5 Meals at homes (pitch-ins)

Members provided a number of excellent suggestions for future activities and fifteen respondents offered to make presentations.  The lists of suggestions and presenters were provided to the chairs of the Social and Program committees.

Presentations are held on Tuesday mornings in the Glendale Public library.  This facility is easy to find and provides plenty of free parking.  Just over 80% of respondents noted their satisfaction with the current location and time for presentations.

Twenty-five of those responding expressed interest in serving on Senior Academy committees and six noted their willingness to mentor IUPUI students.  These names and their contact information have been forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

A review of our records shows that we have e-mail addresses for 78% of the membership.  A number of these addresses were added or updated through the survey.  The survey also found that 78% of the respondents were willing to receive the academy’s newsletter, the Senior Sentinel, though e-mail.  Interestingly, nearly half of those who preferred to continue to receive a hardcopy version have e-mail addresses.  The next edition of the Senior Sentinel will describe delivery options (hard copy, email or download from the SA Website) to ensure that every member receives a copy of the newsletter in the form they desire.

In addition to being able to provide more color and additional content in electronic versions of the newsletter, moving more members away from printed versions will help reduce printing and mailing costs.

We are very pleased with the response to the survey and will use the information provided in our future efforts.  We appreciate the support of the Office of Academic Affairs in making it possible.

May 15, 2009