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Who Are We?

Licensed Professional Social Workers & Researchers

About Us - Bio

David Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW. Mr. Wilkerson has worked with parents, teachers and challenging children for over 20 years. Currently he is an instructor and researcher at Indiana University.

Mr. Wilkerson's research interest is on how to make evidence-based parent management training more readily available and accessible to large groups of parents.

Philip Ouellette, Ph.D. is a professor and researcher at the Indiana University School of Social Work. His research interests are in the use of technology to expand services to families of at-risk youth.

Tools for Parents

PTZ training is available as a supplement to face-to-face counseling sessions. Internet-based PTZ training tools are designed for either individual parents or parent groups.

David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson

Philip Ouellette

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Last updated: January 13, 2013