Our History, Our Legacy

Founded in 2014 by Daniel Robinson, Jaguars Rowing began when a few friends decided they wanted to learn to row recreationally. In our 5 years we have increased our numbers, grown into a competitive team, fielding Novice and Varsity Men's and Women's boats.

Varsity Men - Music City Head Race 2018


We're a group of people who care not only about our mental and physical health, but also in creating a culture where we come together to achieve great things in a sport we all love.


We show up every day to get 1% better at everything we do. Whether it's rowing on the water, hitting the ergs, or striving for academic success.


Fostering a mindset of hard work through adversity is what we strive to do. As busy as college students are, it is challenging to find time and energy to get through it all, but we come together to leap boundaries and face our obstacles together.


Everyone is welcome to join our crew! We strive create a fun and friendly atmosphere for any and all who are looking to find their place. The friendships you make rowing are the ones that will last a lifetime.