Issues of Pragmaticism

Twenty-fifth Selection, pp. 346359.

P 1080: The Monist 15 (October 1905): 48199. [Published in CP 5.438463.]

Origin of the Text

Soon after "What Pragmatism Is" appeared, Peirce received from various countries many letters of appreciation that encouraged him to pursue the discussion of pragmaticism in new articles (F.C.S. Schiller was one of the correspondents, and he completely revised his opinion--until then negative and dismissive--of Peirce's contribution to pragmatism). From the end of April to the end of June he worked on different versions of his second paper, all titled "The Consequences of Pragmaticism" (MSS 288, 289, and 1338 testify to this effort). The final draft is found in MS 290, with the title altered into "Issues of Pragmaticism." Paul Carus received the manuscript at the end of June and delayed its publication somewhat to make sure Peirce could see the proofs. Only the last 44 pages of the original manuscript are today extant in the Open Court archives preserved at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (Special Collections, Morris Library), the first seventeen pages having disappeared. The text in EP2 reproduces pages 481486 of the Monist article, and then follows the manuscript, with appropriate emendations from the published article.