An Outline Classification of the Sciences

Eighteenth Selection, pp. 258-262.

MS 478. ["An Outline Classification" (pp. 5-9 of the printed "Syllabus"—see below) was published in CP 1.180202.]

Origin of the Text

This text is the first section of "A Syllabus of Certain Topics of Logic," a large document Peirce composed, mostly in October 1903, to supplement the Lowell Lectures "by some statements for which there will not be time during the lectures, and by some others not easily carried away from one hearing." The syllabus contains six sections, of which the first three and the fifth are printed in EP2 (omitted are "Nomenclature and Divisions of Dyadic Relations" (MS 539; CP 3.571-608) and "Existential Graphs: The Conventions" (MS 508; CP 4.394-417). The Lowell Institute had only money to print a hundred copies of the first two and the sixth sections, which were distributed at the fourth lecture (printed by Alfred Mudge & Son, Boston, 1903).