The Nature of Meaning

Fifteenth Selection, pp. 208-225.

MS 314 and 316. [First three sections published in CP 5.151-179; published entirely in Turrisi's HL (1997): 221-239.]

Origin of the Text

The sixth lecture was delivered on Thursday, May 7, 1903. The Harvard Crimson announced it under the title "The Nature of Meaning," which must have been provided by Peirce (the manuscript bears no title). This was supposed to be the last lecture of the series, but Peirce, seeing that he would have no time to bring his logic to a satisfactory closure, was allowed to give an extra lecture the following week. Lecture 6 is divided into four sections (the fourth is MS 316), and a note scribbled by Peirce on the cover of the notebook, "(first 35 pages as delivered)," indicates that he read the first two sections completely, but ran short of time and only glossed over the last two sections. An important draft of lecture 6, with many significant passages not repeated in the final version, survives in MS 313.