The Seven Systems of Metaphysics
Thirteenth Selection, pp. 179-195.

MS 309. [Published in parts in CP 5.77n, 5.93-111, 5.114-118, 1.314-316, 5.119, 5.111-113, and 5.57-58. Also published in Turrisi's HL (1997): 189-203.]

Origin of the Text

This lecture, which might as well be titled "The Seventh System of Metaphysics" since lack of time prevented Peirce from fulfilling his intention of discussing the first six systems, was delivered on Thursday, April 16, 1903. MS 307 is a complex document, spread over two notebooks, with many passages either skipped or rewritten on facing pages. The text in EP2 incorporates all of Peirce's revisions and restores the last version of all skipped passages. The reader will find in the endnotes a transcription of those earlier deleted or skipped passages that are especially significant.