On Science and Natural Classes
Ninth Selection, pp. 115-132.

MS 427. [The part printed here was first published, with somewhat different omissions, in CP 1.203-237.]

Origin of the Text

This text is extracted from Peirce's projected book "Minute Logic," Chapter II, "Prelogical Notions," Section 1, "Classification of the Sciences." MS 427 was composed between February 20 and April 4, 1902, and the portion printed in EP2 was written February 20-26, 1902. An earlier draft subsists in MS 426, and an elaborate abstract by the author is in MS 1344 (MS 1343 is another long document on the Classification of the Sciences Peirce must have written around the time of MS 427). "Minute Logic" is a book that was commissioned by Peirce's friend Francis Lathrop. Lathrop paid Peirce $150 for each chapter (in exchange for the copyright) and had them typed. No typescript for this chapter has been found. The side-notes were written by Peirce in the margin of the manuscript, probably to emulate the many side-notes that were inset in the text of Auguste Comte's Philosophie positive.