What Is a Sign?

Second Selection, pp. 410.
MS 404. [Partly published in CP 2.281, 2.285, 2.297-302.]

Origin of the Text

This document, probably composed early in 1894 and not in 1893 as previously supposed, was originally the first chapter of a book entitled "The Art of Reasoning" which Peirce submitted in mid-June 1894 to Ginn & Co. The publishers rejected it, fearing it could not sell as a textbook. Thereupon Peirce reconceived the entire plan of his work, retitling it "How to Reason: A Critick of Arguments" (also known as "Grand Logic"). "What is a Sign?" became Chapter 2 and was repaginated accordingly. It follows "Chapter I. The Categories" (MS 403), and these two chapters together constitute the first division "Formal Study of General Logic" of the first book "Of Reasoning in General" of the entire work. ADT