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Watch the entire performance of Hoosier Bard's Arden of Fevershame (2014).

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Hoosier Bard Productions

Hoosier Bard is a unique theatre company, linking the New Oxford Shakespeare editors, the Indianapolis performing arts community, and students and faculty at IUPUI. At every production, spectators become collaborators, helping to test new ideas about what Shakespeare created—and how it should be edited, performed, and taught.

Since its inception, performances by Hoosier Bard Company have received national and international critical acclaim. Lauded by scholars for the company’s innovative use of early modern texts, and admired by critics and local audiences for its excellent production and performance qualities, Hoosier Bard offers a theatrical experience that is unique, thought provoking and groundbreaking.

The company was founded in 2010 by two of the General Editors of the New Oxford Shakespeare, Terri Bourus and Gary Taylor, as a means to test hypotheses about early performances of Shakespeare’s plays. Hoosier Bard’s first production was Young Hamlet (2011), with a play-text adapted from the earliest quarto printing of the play. Audiences flocked to a sold-out Indy Fringe theatre, forcing an extra performance, and demonstrating that an experimental approach to Shakespeare held appeal for Indianapolis audiences, both young and old.

The company’s second production, The History of Cardenio (2012), was chosen to mark the opening of the new Campus Center theatre at IUPUI. This production was again a huge success with local critics describing it as "a winning blend of the twin geniuses of Cervantes and Shakespeare" (The Indianapolis Star) and "a rollicking experience" (Nuvo)e. The "fast-paced emotional roller-coaster of a production" also received rave reviews internationally. It was hailed as "a lively, gripping piece of theatre" (Shakespeare Bulletin) and the BBC North America praised Cardenio as "bold and brash and funny and moving".

Hoosier Bard's production of Cardenio is the subject of a television documentary, Shakespeare Lost, Shakespeare Found, which was produced by Jim Simmons of WFYI. The documentary will be aired in fall 2013 on American Public Television. The production also inspired an essay collection, The Creation and Recreation of Cardenio, co-edited by Terri Bourus and Gary Taylor and published by Palgrave in September 2013. This book is already being recognized as “the most important critical anthology on Cardenio to date”.

Measure for Measure (2013), Hoosier Bard’s most recent production, was described by a scholarly peer reviewer as “a historically important performance” in Shakespeare (the journal of the British Shakespeare Association). Performances for the show ran over two weekends in the spring of 2013, and attracted media attention at a local and international level.

Hoosier Bard's Arden of Fevershame was staged at the Indianapolis Central Public Library in Clowes Auditorium on April 3-5 and 11-12, 2014.​  Many experts now believe that Shakespeare and another playwright wrote Arden of Fevershame at the very beginning of his career. It is one of the few Renaissance plays whose central character is a woman: the complex femme fatale Alice Arden. Professor Terri Bourus directed this Hoosier Bard production, following her internationally acclaimed stagings of Cardenio and Measure for Measure(s).


Hoosier Bard, as the theatrical arm of the New Oxford Shakespeare project, will continue to combine world-leading scholarship with experimental theatre, always aiming to deliver insight and entertainment in equal measure.


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