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William Shakespeare is the most influential writer in the English language. Oxford University Press is long established as the most authoritative publisher of critical editions of literary texts. In 1986-7, a team led by Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor produced a groundbreaking new edition of the Complete Works. This was the first edition of Shakespeare ever to publish edited texts of the Complete Works in both modern and original spelling, and to provide a complete discursive textual apparatus. Now, over 25 years later, an inter-generational team of leading scholars, adopting the latest advances in editorial theory and practice, is producing a wholly new edition of the plays and poems of William Shakespeare. This edition will be the standard-bearer for future generations of scholars, teachers, readers and performers.


Since 2009, IUPUI has acted as the central hub of this landmark project, housing many of the world’s leading Shakespearean scholars as they research and edit.  Hoosier Bard Productions, the theatrical arm of the project, linked a theatre company with the New Oxford Shakespeare editors and the Indianapolis performing arts community.


New Oxford Shakespeare is the first edition to include an Equity actor, IUPUI English Drama Professor and Hoosier Bard Productions director, Terri Bourus, among its general editors. At every Hoosier Bard production, spectators become collaborators with Hoosier Bard Productions and New Oxford Shakespeare by helping to test new ideas about what Shakespeare created, how it should be edited and performed.


Announcing The New Oxford Shakespeare


Crowning the Shakespeare 400th-anniversary year, The New Oxford Shakespeare presents an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare's works, edited from first principles from the base-texts themselves, and drawing on the latest textual and theatrical scholarship. The three interconnected print publications and the online edition have been created by an international, intergenerational team of scholars under the leadership of Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan. The project's scope, depth, and vision provide the perfect platform for the future of Shakespeare studies.


Available in the UK and Europe October 2016, and in all other areas November 2016.


"The New Oxford Shakespeare addresses 'the great variety of readers'–students, scholars, actors, writers, artists–in multiple formats, at multiple levels. It combines the best of previous scholarship with twenty-first century tools to find better solutions to old problems." –Gary Taylor, General Editor


One landmark project. Four outstanding publications.


New Oxford Shakespeare Modern Critical EditionFor Undergraduates, actors, and play-lovers: Modern Critical Edition

  • A fresh, authoritative Complete Works with modern spelling and punctuation
  • Explanatory notes and performance notes on every page
  • Innovative introductory materials, timelines, and illustrations for each play
  • Free access to online edition for an initial period with purchase of new print edition 


"Great literature, great theatre, inspires great conversations. The New Oxford Shakespeare does not teach students what to think; it teaches them what to think about. They become participants in the debates." —Terri Bourus, General Editor

More about the Modern Critical Edition, for faculty and students > 



New Oxford Shakespeare Modern Critical EditionFor Scholars: Critical Reference Edition

  • A two-volume Complete Works including all primary texts, meticulously edited
  • Presented with original spelling, punctuation, ambiguities, and inconsistencies
  • Notes highlight press variants, corrections, and book history
  • Introductory essays examine the context in which each play was written
  • Line-numbering corresponds across the Modern Critical and Critical Reference editions


"The Critical Reference Edition places the early documents within a rich history of human activity of making and marring by authors, musicians, theatre annotators, scribes, publishers, and printers. This is a record of how Shakespeare took shape in his day, and takes shape now." —John Jowett, General Editor



New Oxford Shakespeare Modern Critical EditionFor Scholars: Authorship Companion

  • Presenting the ideas, evidence, and methods that underlie the whole New Oxford Shakespeare project
  • Cutting-edge research in attribution studies
  • Research is cross-referenced to the works in the edition


"We now know that Shakespeare collaborated with his literary and dramatic contemporaries, and that others adapted his works before they reached printed publication. The Companion’s essays explore and explain these processes, laying out everything we currently know about the works’ authorship." —Gabriel Egan, General Editor



For All Users: The New Oxford Shakespeare Online

  • The online edition brings all the content of the three print volumes together as one powerful resource, presented on the Oxford Scholarly Editions Online platform