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The History Of Cardenio

Hoosier Bard Productions opened the new theatre in the IUPUI Campus Center in April 2012 with Gary Taylor's recreation of the lost play by Shakespeare and his younger contemporary John Fletcher, The History of Cardenio, inspired by the first translation of one of the world's most famous novels, Don Quixote de la Mancha.

The production-- directed by Terri Bourus, with Gary Taylor as dramaturge--not only made news in Indianapolis, but was also the subject of a feature story on BBC television, a positive review in the Johns Hopkins University Press journal Shakespeare Bulletin, and a half-hour public television documentary CSI Shakespeare, nominated for three Emmy awards. IUPUI hosted an international academic colloquium, a series of public lectures, and a concert of classical Spanish music and dance, to coincide with the performances.

The production and the colloquium inspired a lavishly illustrated collection of seventeen essays, edited by Bourus and Taylor, globally published by Palgrave in September 2013.


History of Cardenio Program

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Events & Research


"The History of Cardenio: Spain and England, Then and Now"

IUPUI School of Liberal Arts—Apr. 27-28, 2012


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