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During each academic year, scholars are required to progress a research project with the help of faculty mentors.  These projects will be developed by scholars and their research mentors.  Progressing research includes developing a research project, research proposal, abstract, presenting on this work, and revising as you continue researching the topic and working with faculty research mentors.  Olaniyan Scholars program staff help at each stage of the development of your research by providing instruction, guidance, and feedback on improving, focusing, progressing, and polishing your work.

Developing a Faculty Research Mentor Community

The program will facilitate faculty research mentorship for scholars.  Faculty mentors oversee and collaborate with scholars in the development of research projects.  Scholars will continue to work with faculty research mentors over the course of their academic career.

Decisions concerning who should be involved in your faculty research mentor community and what your project will focus on are based on your major and areas of interest.  Moreover, scholars provide input to the program director on who they would like to include in their  faculty research mentor community based on course work and contact with faculty members.

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