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Each first and second year scholar will be assigned an individual program mentor who works directly with the program and who will help guide the scholar through their first two years in the program.

Scholars should see their program mentor as a liaison who is there to:

  1. Monitor the scholar’s academic and extracurricular progress at the university, making sure that a scholar maintains a good balance between the two
  2. Advise on good study and time management skills specifically designed to help each individual scholar
  3. Help with any academic, university, program, or personal problems the scholar may be having that might impede successful academic performance
  4. Answer any questions about the program or the university (or direct the scholar to the appropriate contact)
  5. Help the scholar to maximize the value of the opportunities provided by the program and the university
  6. Meet regularly with the program director to provide a bi-weekly report on the status and progress of the scholar






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