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Application Requirements:

Priority deadline for this scholarship application is February 1st, however, applications are accepted after this deadline depending on program availability.

The following information/documents must be submitted to apply to the program.  Please note that your application will not be considered until all of the requested materials are received.

  • A completed application form (see program contact information below for how to obtain an application)
  • An official high school transcript/GED scores*
  • An official university transcript(s) (sophomore/transfer students only)*
  • Essay question response
  • At least 2 letters of recommendation
  • Interview (if selected as a finalist)
  • General admission acceptance to IUPUI (or an application for general admission on file with the university)
  • FAFSA form (If you have not yet filed your FAFSA, you may do so at, or contact the IUPUI Office of Financial Aid at
    317-274-4162.  Please note that your FAFSA does not have to be filed at the time that you submit your application to the program, but should be filed soon after. The form is NOT submitted to the program.  FAFSA forms are filed online through the appropriate website.)
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already submitted transcripts/scores to the university, you do not need to resubmit them to the program.  Please simply note this on the application in the space provided.

Application Information


Dr. Ronda C. Henry Anthony
Program Director
Cavanaugh Hall 502L
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN  46202
(317) 278-0885


Alice Smith
Administrative Assistant for the Olaniyan Scholars Program
Cavanaugh Hall 327
425 University Blvd.
(317) 274-2716


An official high school transcript or GED will be required for beginning freshmen to complete this application. If you are a transfer student, a transcript from previous institutions of higher learning will be required as well.

Recommendation Letters

Applicants must provide at least two and no more than four letters of recommendation. At least one letter should address academic performance or aptitude and at least one letter should address extracurricular and/or community service activities. Letters may be from teachers, guidance/academic counselors, school administrators, coaches, and/or community contacts.  Please make sure that those persons recommending you include their contact information.


It goes without saying that essays should observe the general rules of English grammar and contain no misspellings.  Essays should be double-spaced and address all of the questions listed below. Please keep in mind that your answers don’t have to be in any particular order. Also, avoid simply listing your answers to the questions as this should be an organized and well-structured essay written using complete sentences and the 5-paragraph essay structure. It is also recommended that you include your name and a page number on each page of the essay (please do not simply write this information on each page). Cover pages, plastic report covers, and so on are not necessary and will be removed when we process applications.

Please address all of the following questions in your essay:

  • What is your particular area of interest as it relates to people of African descent and why do you want to study them?  How does this interest fit into your career and personal goals?
  • What is your planned major at IUPUI and how would you connect it to Africana Studies (or the study of people of African descent)?
  • What have you done so far that demonstrates achievements, service, and/or learning goals (including classes/books studied or read, or academic work completed) that illustrate your commitment to and interest in people of African descent (please include academics, extracurricular, and community service activities that you have participated in)?



If you live out of state and are selected to interview for this scholarship, you may request a phone interview with the selection committee.

Other Relevant Data:

On a separate sheet, please explain the extenuating circumstances (if any) that you would like to be taken into consideration during the scholarship selection process.





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