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Scholars are required to do course work in the Africana Studies Program as part of meeting the requirements of the Olaniyan Scholars Program.  Each scholar is required to complete the following classes/credits during their four years as program scholars:

  • AFRO A140: Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studies (3 credits)
  • One of the following courses: (3 credits)
  • AFRO A200: Research in African and African Diaspora Studies
  • AFRO A306:  Globalization, Struggle, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora
  •  9 credit hours from the list of electives in the Africana Studies Program.

At the end of each scholar’s course of study during their four years in the program, they will have an automatic minor in Africana Studies.  A minor in Africana Studies requires the completion of 15 credit hours or 5 (3 credit) classes, which can be completed before or during the 4 years a student participates in the Olaniyan Scholars Program.  In addition to courses offered by the Africana Studies Program, elective courses are divided into three areas of concentration—Africa; Latin America & the Caribbean; and North America.  Students earning a minor in Africana Studies may take courses in any of these concentrations.  New courses may be added to the list of approved electives with approval from the director of Africana Studies as they become available.  Students can also consider majoring in Africana Studies, which will make it even easier to fulfill the terms of study for the Olaniyan Scholars Program.  However, majoring in Africana Studies is not a requirement to maintain good standing in the program.

Africana Studies Courses

AFRO A414:  Seminar in African American and African Diaspora Studies:  Senior Capstone
AFRO A495:  Independent Study
AFRO A499:  Honors Thesis or Community Experience Internship


AFRO A202:  The West and the African Diaspora
HIST H227:  African Civilizations
HIST H421:  Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ENGL L411:  South African Literature and Society
ENGL L382:  Fiction of the Non-Western World: 20th Century African Literature
POLS Y338:  African Politics
ANTH E384:  The African Diaspora
ART H301: Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
REL R314:  Religion and Racism
ART H351:  African Art I
ART H352:  African Art II
SOC R461:  Race and Ethnic Relations
Latin America and the Caribbean
ENGL L425:  Introduction to Caribbean Literature
GEOG G323:  Geography of Latin America
GEOG G324:  Geography of the Caribbean
REL R328:  Religions of the African Diaspora
POLS Y337:  Latin American Politics
HIST F341:  Latin America: Conquest and Empire
HIST F342:  Latin America: Evolution and Revolution Since
ENGL L406:  Caribbean Women Writers
ENGL L406:  Anglophone Caribbean Writers
SOC R461:  Race and Ethnic Relations

North America

AFRO A355:  The Black Church in America
AFRO A265:  Sport and the Afro-American Experience
AFRO A303:  Topics in African American Studies
POLS Y325:  African American Politics
FOLK F354:  African American Folklore/Folk-life/Folk Music
HIST A355:  African American History I
HIST A356:  African American History II
REL R363:  African American Religions
AFROA A369/I300:  The African American Experience
ENGL L370:  Black American Writing
REL R370:  Islam in America
POLS Y386:  African American Political Thought
MUS M393:  History of Jazz
MUS M394:  Black Music in America
SOC R461:  Race and Ethnic Relations



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