On occasion, alternative appointment procedures are required to attract highly qualified individuals to senior level administrative positions in the various schools and/or academic support units on campus.  Appointment status may be contingent on the qualifications of the recommended individual and the match between this personís interests and the unitís particular objectives.  Recruitment efforts need to be conducted in such a way as to leave open the appointment status until a specific person is invited to accept the appointment.  The Office of Equal Opportunity will coordinate both types of searches and will ensure that Human Resources Administration and the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation are notified of any subsequent actions.


If the position is a newly created one, Human Resources Administration will be responsible for assigning a professional staff classification level to the position prior to any appointment recommendation being made. The hiring unit must submit the position description and the Essential Job Functions Form to Human Resources Administration for staff classification.  Additionally, the vacant position must be entered into the Faculty Applicant Monitoring System.  The advertising and screening processes may proceed in the interim, subject to the approvals ordinarily required from the Office of Equal Opportunity, the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures and Documentation, and Human Resources Administration.


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