Appendix A

                                                        IUPUI Academic Search & Screen Checklist


    1.   Academic Position Vacancy

            The department chairperson or hiring designee should ensure that a position requiring a search

            is posted to the IUPUI Faculty Applicant Monitoring System (FAM) with a position description,

            proposed advertisement(s), recruitment sources, and members of the search and screen committee.

            After the vacancy is added to FAM, the vacancy will be placed on FAM’s “To Do” approval list

            for the school dean, the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Academic Policies,

            Procedures, and Documentation.  Approvals and dates will appear on FAM’s “Authorization Tab”

            of the vacancy.


    2.   Acknowledgement of Application & the Equal Employment Opportunity Form

            Enter the applicants’ name, address, e-mail and phone number to FAM.  The Office of 

            Equal Opportunity will electronically send to, and receive back from the applicant, equal

            opportunity employment information.  If the applicants’ e-mail address is not available, a cover

            letter that directs them to the on-line form will be forwarded through U.S. mail.


    3.  Interview Request

           After receiving and screen applicants, complete (by reference number) FAM’s interview request.

           Indicate interviews with a checkmark and date, as well as the reasons for the exclusion of other

           applicants. Interviews should not proceed without AAO approval.  The Office of Equal Opportunity

           may request that a second review of protected-class applicants be conducted. 


    4.  Request for Approval of Candidate

                        Complete the final rank information including HRMS title code, administrative title (if any), and

                        tenure status on FAM’s vacancy screen.  Select and checkmark offer candidate and insert date of

                        offer request.  Provide reasons for the rejection of other interviewees. Insert electronic draft copy

                        of offer letter, copy of curriculum vitae/resume and other documentation required for the level of

                        appointment into FAM, or submit printed versions to the Office of  Academic Policies, Procedures,

                        and Documentation.  After approval, the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Academic

                        Policies, Procedures, and Documentation’s acknowledgements will appear next to the incumbent.

                        If the desired candidate declines the offer, replace alternate offer request in FAM, and repeat the

                        process.  Additionally, the candidate will be required to complete a self-disclosure questionnaire

                        and a consent form for a formal background check.


                  5.  Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) Electronic Document

         Upon acceptance of the offer, complete the appointing HRMS Electronic Document and Personal

         Profile Forms. These will be routed to the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation
         and the Office of Equal Opportunity for search and screen
verification and authorization to fill a

         position at the level and scope specified.


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