At the conclusion of the entire interview process, the search committee should meet to reach agreement on a recommended list of finalists for the position.  Depending on the instructions provided by the hiring official, the list may be either ranked or unranked.  The hiring official also specifies the number of candidates, usually three, to be considered.  Rather than using strict numerical rankings, the Office of Equal Opportunity suggests also utilizing qualitative statements based on job related criteria in conveying selection recommendations. 


                        Minutes from the committee meeting should reflect the rationale

                        for all recommendations made.  The committee's decision, with supporting

                        documentation, should then be transmitted via memorandum to the

                        appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official.


In turn, the appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official should advise the search committee of the final selection decision.  The search committee chair or designee should notify, in writing, all applicants who were interviewed that another candidate was selected.


Prior to extending a formal offer of employment to any candidate, the hiring official must complete the FAM information pertaining to: HRMS Title Code; Administrative Title (if any) and tenure status (Main Menu, Data Entry Menu, “Edit a Vacant Position”, Appendices B & C);  the offer candidate and offer date; and provide disposition reasons for the rejection of other interviewees (Main Menu, “Select Applicants to Interview or Offer”, Appendices B & G).  Where possible, items required by the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation (Approval of Offer of Academic Appointment, Appendix K, and Offers of Employment Checklist, Appendix L) should be inserted into the appropriate sections of FAM’s details of offer packet (Main Menu, Data Entry Menu, “Manage Offer Packets”, Appendices B ,C ,& H).  If electronic documentation is not available, forward requisite paperwork to the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation.  Forms and information regarding conditions of employment are available at www.academicaffairs.iupui.edu.   Timely failure to provide these materials may cause the date of employment to be delayed.   If there are unusual or special circumstances involved in your offer to a candidate, please contact the Office of the Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation for assistance.


All required documentation must be approved by the chairperson of the department and the dean of the school prior to submission.  Conditional offer approvals from the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation will appear next to the incumbent’s name on FAM’s interviewees/offers screen (Appendix G).  If the desired candidate declines the offer, replace alternate's offer request and information in FAM and repeat the above offer process.


Most foreign students must have a job or a job offer before they can get a social security number.  Proof of that offer usually must be in the form of a letter from the employing department.  You can find a detailed description of the procedure and a template of the employer letter from the IUPUI Office of International Services.


In those instances where the hiring official deems the candidates recommended by the search committee as unacceptable, several options are available including extending or reopening the search and/or filling the position on an interim basis.


In the event the committee is unable to forward a selection recommendation, the chairperson should meet with the appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official to discuss either extending the search or closing the search as “unsuccessful.”  Similarly, if an individual to whom an offer of employment has been made rejects the offer, declines to complete the self-disclosure or consent forms, the appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official may extend an offer to another candidate after securing the approval of the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures and Documentation.


The university reserves the right to withdraw or to rescind any offer of employment (including the conditional offer of employment) based on failure to fully and truthfully disclose information, or in the judgment of the university, information developed in the course of the background check so warrants.





Once the search has concluded with an official offer and acceptance of employment, the hiring official or designee is responsible for completing the appointing HRMS electronic document, Personal Profile Forms, and Notice of Terms of Initial Appointment.  After authorized departmental and school acknowledgements, the e-doc and supporting documentation is forwarded to the Office of Policies, Procedures, and Documentation and the Office of Affirmative Action for final approval. 


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