The majority of academic position vacancies will be filled in the customary manner: the position is announced through advertisement(s) or announcement(s), a search committee evaluates and interviews the applicants, and a recommendation is forwarded to the hiring officer.  This process normally takes anywhere from three to six months to complete.  However, in some instances, these steps may be impractical or impossible to follow.  Consequently, the following position vacancies are exempt from the requirement stipulating the appointment of a search and screen committee.


                         Although the positions listed below do not require appointing a

                         search and screen committee as part of the recruitment and selection

                         process, the preparation of a formal recruitment plan is strongly advised.

                         Any documentation regarding the selection process should be kept on file

                         for at least two years from the date of the selection recommended.


·  Visiting Academic Appointments (FV-CV)

Such appointments typically do not exceed one year’s duration and may not extend beyond two years without explicit approval from the Dean of  Faculties.  In the event that visiting faculty are later converted to regular faculty, normal search and screen procedures must take place, either at the time of the initial visiting appointment, or at the time of conversion.


·  Post Doctoral Fellows (RSP)


·  Resident Appointees (RA)


·  Certain time-limited grant positions

Exemptions from the university’s normal search and screen process may be granted when the duration of a grant position is one year or less or when a particular researcher is identified by the funding agency in an award document.


·  Appointments for less than half time


·  Adjunct appointments (FA-CA)


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