Recruitment for all positions involving classroom teaching should include a print ad in a professional journal with national circulation.
Twenty-first century trends to advertise via electronic media only do not meet U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requirements for Labor Certification. Labor Certification, with its “special handling” provisions for teaching faculty, is the preferred and simplest method to qualify international faculty for U.S. permanent residence (green card).
To meet DOL requirements for Labor Certification for teaching faculty, the recruitment effort must include at least one print advertisement in a national professional journal. The print advertisement should include (at minimum) the job title, the duties of the position, and the requirements for the position. When a degree field is specified, “or related” should be included in the advertisement if consideration for hire would be made to a candidate who holds a degree in a related field. In this context, “teaching” is defined as classroom teaching of regular university courses listed in the Schedule of Classes, with the international employee listed as an instructor of record.

If a search yielding an international candidate has not included the requisite print advertisement, the hiring department will be faced with either re-opening the position to conduct a new test of the labor market, or delaying sponsorship of permanent residence until the faculty member can document three years of experience and is able to assemble extensive documentation attesting to his/her eligibility for the Outstanding Professor/Researcher category. Further information about University processes for sponsorship of permanent residence is available at http://www.indiana.edu/~intlserv/

If you have candidates who may need immigration sponsorship or have related questions, consider arranging an appointment with Office of International Affairs staff during their visit to the campus. Indiana University provides extensive immigration services and support for its employees, which can be an incentive for recruiting highly qualified international faculty. The IUPUI Office of International Affairs (Education/Social Work Building, Room 2126, oia@iupui.edu, 317.274.7000, http://international.iupui.edu) provides comprehensive nonimmigrant visa services to IUPUI international faculty, staff, and students.