Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), along with many other institutions of higher education, is required to maintain full documentation of the hiring process in order to comply with federal regulations.


The following web pages describe search and screen policies and procedures for academic appointments at IUPUI.  This information is intended to assist hiring officials and university search committees in conducting employment searches which meet the requirements of Federal non-discrimination legislation, the IUPUI Faculty Constitution, the university Affirmative Action Plan, and the spirit of the University’s Equal Opportunity Policy.  The material is organized chronologically, from completing the academic position vacancy to initiating and routing personnel transactions.  However, not every situation is addressed in these pages; only the basic procedures for conducting and documenting a search which meets the university’s equal opportunity-affirmative action requirements are provided.


Our procedures allow the Office of Equal Opportunity to monitor and approve each individual employment search in its entirety, and where appropriate, take steps to ensure equal employment opportunity and affirmative action on the part of hiring officials.   Modifications to these procedures may be made in compelling circumstances, when approved by the Dean of Faculties and the Office of Equal Opportunity.


To further assist hiring officials and search committees, forms and information are attached including an academic search and screen checklist detailing the recruitment and appointment process, and various screen prints of the IUPUI Faculty Applicant Monitoring System (FAM) utilized during the recruitment process.  FAM resources and frequently asked questions about the Faculty Applicant Monitoring System are also located on the Office of Equal Opportunity's website. 


Although the spirit of affirmative action cannot be legislated or regulated, procedures designed to provide fair treatment, essential checks and balances as well as proper documentation and review of hiring decisions contribute greatly to providing equality of opportunity.


If additional assistance is needed, members of the Office of Equal Opportunity are available to provide interpretive guidance.





IUPUI is committed to achieving equality of opportunity in education, professional training, career advancement and university employment. The university’s Equal Opportunity Policy prohibits discrimination against any individual for reasons of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran’s status, and/or disability.  Personnel actions, such as hiring, terminations, layoffs, compensation and fringe benefits, transfer, promotion, and training, as well as all university-sponsored social and recreational programs, should be administered in accordance with the university’s Equal Opportunity Policy.


The Office of Equal Opportunity is responsible for communicating, interpreting, and monitoring the university’s Equal Opportunity Policy.  The university maintains an Affirmative Action Plan which is comprised of specific results-oriented procedures designed to achieve equal employment opportunity.  Consistent with this goal, the academic recruitment and appointment processes at IUPUI should be administered in a manner designed to meet the following specific objectives:

The Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation is responsible for assisting the Director, Office of Equal Opportunity with ensuring that all faculty employment activity is consistent with the university’s equal opportunity policies and Affirmative Action Plan, in addition to setting standards and expectations for academic recruitment and employment practices.  However, only through the efforts of all members of the university community can the institution reach its goals of universal fairness and equity.




Each dean and organizational unit head is responsible for implementing activities to ensure that an effective affirmative action program exists within his/her respective unit.  Within each academic unit (school) or major organizational unit, a representative or “unit liaison” has been identified by the dean or key administrative officer to serve as a member of the IUPUI Equal Opportunity Council.  Unit liaisons are responsible for the following:

  1. Serving as a communication link between the Office of Equal Opportunity and the constituent units, interpreting  policies and regulations, transmitting information, and answering questions

  2. Referring students and employees who believe that they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination to the OEO director

  3. Assisting the OEO director in the collection of data needed for the informal or formal resolution of complaints

  4. Assisting constituent units in developing and carrying out action-oriented programs designed to improve the campus climate, promote understanding of protected class issues, and enhance the success of the total affirmative action effort

  5. Advising the dean or unit head on any matters that affect the affirmative action program

  6. Participating in the development and implementation of the affirmative action plans of their units

  7. Assisting the OEO director in the evaluation of the effectiveness of equal opportunity/affirmative action programs

Search committees and hiring officials are encouraged to seek guidance from their respective unit liaisons throughout the entire search process.  A listing of the unit liaisons for each school, as well as a listing of the OEO Council membership, is available from the Office of Equal Opportunity. 


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