Appendix I

Guidelines for Interview Questions


The rule of thumb: if a question is job related, it is usually appropriate to ask.  If it isnt job related, caution

is in order. Any questions involving race, religion, gender, marital status, and so on must be avoided

on application forms or during interviews.                                                                   



   You may ask...                                Questions & Statements to stay away from...       


 AGE        Are you 18 years or older?             

                                                                    How old are you?


 When did you graduate from high school?


 How do you feel about working for a person

 younger than you?


 You must be getting close to retirement age.




 GENDER                                                                        Do you have plans for having children?


  We need someone macho for this job.  Think

  you can handle it?


  Childcare is so hard to get.  Do you have any

  baby-sitting problems?


  How would you feel working for a man/woman?


                                                                     Our customers sometimes prefer to be served

  by men.  I hope you dont have a problem with that.


  Do you thing your womans intuition would come

  in handy on this job?


  Tell did a man come to be interested in

  this kind of work?



                   Are you able to perform the              Do you have any disabilities?

duties of the job with or without

accommodation?                             Are you in good health?


If the applicant indicates that           Do you have any physical defects that prevent you

she/he can perform the tasks with     from performing certain kinds of work?

an accommodation, you may ask:

   Thats a noticeable limp...Those are very thick

What accommodation would you        glasses....How severe is your disability?

need in order to perform the tasks?

   What is the prognosis for your condition?

Now that you have heard the   

hours, leave policies, and other          Will you require a special leave because of your

requirements of this position, do         disability or its treatment?

you feel you will be able to meet

these requirements?                                                         


                   How many days were you absent        Please list any conditions or diseases you were

                   from work last year?                         treated for in the last 3 years.


An employer may make medical          How many days were you absent last year because

inquiries or require a medical              of your illness?

examination of all candidates                          

at the state a conditional job             Have you ever filed for workers' compensation?

offer is made.                                                        

   Have you ever been treated by a psychiatrist or



  You mentioned your daughter has multiple sclerosis.

  Will that affect your attendance?


  Do you have any family members or relatives who

  are disabled? 





                                                                     There arent very many minorities in our department. 

  Will that be a problem for you?


  You look like you have an interesting family history. 

  How would you define your race?



 ORIENTATION                                                 Are you married?        


                                                                     You people are so creative, youd be just perfect

  for the job.



  This is a real family-oriented department.  Is that

  okay with you?




                   After making a conditional offer,        Where were you born? 

                   an employee may inform the                 

                   applicant that they will have to         I see you speak Spanish.  Did you learn that in your

                   produce documents for work             native country or school?


                                                  Of what  country are you a citizen?



                  Will you be able to work                    What church do you attend?

                  the required schedule?

                                                                      Will you need to take time off  from work to

                                                                      observe (name of particular religious holiday)?



                                                                                       Have you ever been arrested?


                                                                      How do you feel about unions?


                                                                      What kind of military discharge did you receive?


                                                                      Do you have continuing military obligations?



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