A search may be extended when the size, quality, or composition of the applicant pool is not satisfactory.  Extending a search is intended to increase the number of candidates expressing interest in the position through additional recruitment efforts by lengthening the time allowed for the receipt of applications materials.  There are no changes in the position description, the position is re-advertised, and the application deadline is extended.  The Office of Equal Opportunity should be notified via memorandum of any decision to extend a search. This notification should specify the reason(s) for the extension, the new time frame(s), any additional journals or publications which will be used to advertise the position, and any other recruitment activities.  It is only after approval that the position vacancy may be edited in FAM.


Current applicants should be notified, by letter, that the search has been extended.  Such notice should provide information about the new application deadline.  Individuals who are included in the applicant pool at the time the search is extended are ordinarily not expected to resubmit credentials.


Searches which are unsuccessful may be extended for no more than a second year, after which a new search must be initiated.




A search is closed and then re‑opened when the candidate of choice declines the offer and the other candidates interviewed are unacceptable.  Position vacancies should also be closed and re-opened when substantial changes in either the qualification requirements, the terms and conditions of employment, and/or the level of compensation occur subsequent to its announcement.


If the decision is made to re-open a search, the appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official must first formally close the current search by notifying the Director, Office of Equal Opportunity via memorandum.  Prior to initiating any recruitment activity in connection with the "re-opened" search, the authorized hiring official must also complete a new academic position vacancy in FAM.  The authorized hiring official may then either convene members of the original search committee, or convene a committee comprised of all new members.  If a search is re-opened, the current applicants must be informed of their status and that of the search.  Normally, individuals who are included in the applicant pool at the time the search is re-opened are expected to reapply.


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