Advertising and/or position vacancy announcements for adjunct and visiting faculty should appear at least once a year on the school/departmental website or in a major area newspaper.  Applicants may also contact the appropriate academic department directly.  The process for selecting adjunct and visiting faculty should be developed by each department or school.  In consultation with department/division faculty and the Director, Office of Equal Opportunity academic departments may utilize other informal methods to recruit faculty when time is limited.

Adjunct and visiting faculty should preferably have the terminal degree in their discipline and/or have demonstrated professional experience and competence in the discipline to meet academic accreditation requirements.  Each school/academic unit shall maintain a file for all individuals appointed as adjunct and visiting faculty.  The file should include the individualís curriculum vita/resume, official transcripts, employment eligibility verification, and letters of reference.  Duplicate sets of these documents should be forwarded to the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation.  Whenever possible, these documents should be obtained prior to granting a contract.  In the event the documentation is not forthcoming by the end of the initial term of employment, the individual may be denied subsequent employment.

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