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Office of Equal Opportunity

IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity
Lockefield Village
980 Indiana Ave, Rm 1164
Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA
Campus Mail: LV 1164
Phone: (317) 274-2306
Fax: (317) 274-3963
Hotline: 1-866-245-1310

Instructions for filing a complaint

Exit Interview

Equal Opportunity at IUPUI


Mission Statement

Kim D. Kirkland, Ed.D., Director

IUPUI's Office of Equal Opportunity is committed to promoting a working and learning environment free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or veteran status. To this end, OEO is responsible for ensuring the University's compliance with all federal and state nondiscrimination requirements and serves as IUPUI's official liaison with governmental civil rights enforcement agencies. Our director reports to the Chancellor and is responsible for the development and execution of the University's Affirmative Action program. In addition, the office provides leadership and support toward developing a comprehensive and institution-wide approach to achieving and sustaining a diverse and pluralistic community of students, faculty and staff.


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IUPUI Civility Statement

The IUPUI community has dedicated itself to creating an environment where each individual is valued and can succeed. Our institutional ethic compels us to foster the best possible environment for doing our work as educators, learners, and supporters of the educational process. When our members are prevented from doing their best, the entire community is diminished.

Our commitment to be a diverse and inclusive campus relies on all community members to do their part. While no set of rules or policies can wholly govern human conduct, civility requires respect and a thoughtful and careful balancing of differing points of view.

As members of an institution of higher learning, we must periodically reaffirm the fundamental ethics and values that form the framework for our university. This means fostering a climate of acceptance, mutual respect, academic freedom, and civil discourse. Civil discourse is a form of dialogue that acknowledges and gives voice to one another’s ideas, experiences, and beliefs.

Civility and respect should be extended to all persons regardless of their role, status, or social identity. We encourage everyone to speak and act thoughtfully and judiciously and with respect for one another. We may not always agree with one another, but when we disagree, we are called to respond with civility.

Click here for a .pdf version of IUPUI's Civility Statement.

Call for Nominations: 16th Annual Joseph T. Taylor Award for Excellence in Diversity

In honor of the late Joseph T. Taylor (1913-2000), the first dean of the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, this is a call for nominations and applications for the 16th annual IUPUI Excellence in Diversity Award. The award will be conferred upon the recipient during the 27th Annual Joseph T. Taylor Symposium on February 25, 2016.

The awardee(s) will be selected from nominations or applications submitted by faculty, staff, or students recognizing exemplary IUPUI individuals, academic and support programs, events, policies, and activities that have led to one or more of the following:

Institutional Leadership and Commitment - Clarity of expectations, resource investment, and accountability at all levels of leadership.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Transformation – Incorporating principles of multiculturalism, pluralism, equity, and diversity into the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Campus Climate - The degree to which the events, messages, symbols, and values of the campus make it a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Representational Diversity - The degree to which the campus attracts, retains, and develops a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff.

IUPUI Community in issues related to race, class, or gender through innovative curriculum, research, programs, or events.

Click here for an application for nominees that must be submitted no later than December 1, 2015 to:

Kim D. Kirkland, Ed.D.
IUPUI, Office of Equal Opportunity
980 Indiana Avenue
Suite 1164
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-2306
Fax: (317) 274-3963

IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity Hotline: 1-866-245-1310

The OEO hotline provides the University community with additional informal and alternative means to anonymously communicate their concerns regarding issues of equity, discrimination and/or harassment.

Careers at IUPUI

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Revised Ethnicity/Race and Military Status for IU Students and Employees

Please click here for more further information on revising your ethnicity/race and military status.

Faculty Salary Equity Summary

Click here to review the 2015 Faculty Salary Equity Summary.

Leaving IUPUI?

Thank you for your service to IUPUI, we'd like to hear from you. Please take a few moments to complete the OEO Exit Survey.

How To Report Graffiti


Graffiti is more than vandalism. In cases where the graffiti is offensive, belittling and/or threatening it is a form of harassment which makes it not only unacceptable but unlawful. Please click here to report all graffiti.