Exhibiting Native American Cultures:

Eiteljorg Points of Contact Exhibit


Topics in MSTD  A460/A560


Tentative Schedule of Activities & Topics


This schedule is considered to be tentative. I reserve the right to make changes in dates or topics/activities based on class needs or opportunities for learning experiences as might arise. Note: When the preparation says List, write down, or something like that, please post it on the Forum on the class OnCourse site and e-mail a copy to Professor Zimmerman. Please try to do this no later than Monday evening before the Tuesday class so that people have a chance to look over your thoughts.

Note Well: If you’ve had one of the earlier classes, I try to “go with the flow” of class needs and to a degree, your desires. This means that the schedule below is tentative at best and may change if a better direction is suggested or offered as an opportunity.


Aug 29  Introduction to the course: where we have been.  The Concept of Contact; The Fur Trade; discussion of a second possible exhibit.

Meet: 433 CA

Sept 5  The nature of exhibits. A closer look at Mihtoseenionki  Develop a framework for evaluating Native American exhibits. 
Meet: Eiteljorg 
Preparation: Read online materials about development of Mihto as noted on class web site


Sept 12  Meet Ray Gonyea. Discussion of Irish Fur Trade exhibit.  Chicken or egg?: Research or mission statement?
Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation:  (Study the catalog online as shown on class web site).


Sept  19 Core Research Skills; building an annotated bibliography of sources; look at online exhibits 
Meet: 433  CA

Preparation: Look at the following Web sites on the fur trade—


Your task with these web sites is 1) to determine the kind of information available on the site; 2) to evaluate its content; 3) to assess its possible utility to understanding the fur trade in the Indiana region; 4) to assess what kinds of artifacts/objects are common in fur trade exhibits; and 5) to describe how artifacts or something else might be “points of contact.”  Do a similar assessment of 7 more web sites. Look deeply into the web site for you assessment; some are amazingly shallow while others seem shallow, but are very deep with content. Focus on sites that deal with the western Great Lakes Fur Trade, not so much on the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade.

Sept 26 Develop a summary of the culture of Miami, Wea, and other groups living in the Indiana region at the time of contact.  

Meet: No formal class meeting. (some may be attending the Association of Midwest Museums meeting).  Zimmerman is willing to meet with individual students.

Preparation: Do individual or group work


Oct 3  Develop basic structure for a possible exhibit themes—brainstorming ideas.  The problem of timelessness Can we bring the ideas  into the 21st century? Developing an exhibit mission statement.


Meet: 433 CA

Preparation: Write down 5 ideas or approaches for points of contact and how we can amplify the British Museum Exhibit or more precisely link it to Indiana area. Put these ideas into the context of a mission statement for the exhibit. What do we wish to accomplish?

Oct 10:   Moving from Fantasy to Reality: Looking for objects. Meet with Amy McKune, Collections, Ray Gonyea. (Depends of schedule of Amy and Ray)

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: List ideas about the types of objects need to meet the mission statement.


Oct 17  Putting it all together. How do we go about it? What are the elements of this exhibition plan? A virtual exhibit?

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: Try to outline, plan, rough out one panel of an exhibit for this.


Oct 24 Beyond the exhibit: Educational programs to complement the project. Meet with Cathy Burton, Education Director

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: List and describe at least 5 ideas for possible projects or programs to accompany the exhibit.


Oct 31  Cleanup on the plan. Trying it again: the second project. Discussion of directions to follow.

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: List and discuss your reasons for wanting to pursue another project. Be ready to talk about these in class.

Nov 7   Cleanup on project 1 plan; develop mission statement for project 2
Preparation: Draft a possible mission statement for project 2

Nov 14 Start basic research on project 2

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: Develop an annotated bibliography of written sources and web sites; post them on OnCourse


Nov 21  Brainstorm possible approaches

Meet: Eiteljorg
Preparation: List and discuss at least 5 ideas for putting together an exhibition that will meet the mission for Project 2.


Nov 28 Thinking about Project 2 objects and educational programs

Meet: Eiteljorg

Preparation: List types of objects you would like to use for Project 2. List possible educational programs.


Dec 5  Warm down

Meet: Sky City Café, Eiteljorg

Preparation: Leave room for a snack after lunch.

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