George Flett, Spokane, Untitled (Warrior Riding over Congressional record), 1930-31 (click to see larger image)

Exhibiting Native American Cultures:

Eiteljorg Points of Contact Exhibit

Museum Studies Special Topics, A460/560

Larry J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., RPA
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


The British Museum Native American Art: Irish American Trade exhibit catalog .pdf

Link to the British Museum Irish American Fur Trade exhibit online

Mihtohseenionki Exhibit Materials from the Eiteljorg

From Spring, 2006  Semester:

Final Power Point  Event Proposals

Final PowerPoint as presented to the Eiteljorg staff

The Concept of Contact/Contact in Mihtoseenionki PowerPoint

Mihtoseenionki Podcast (organized by Robin Meyer & Alison Byrd) 
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Points of Contact Semester 1 Web Site

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