Indians of North America

ANTH E-320

     Study Guides for North American Indian Videos

 Each of videos we'll see in class has a study guide to help you better understand what you are seeing in class. The guide contains the title and other production information, a brief summary of contents, and series of discussion questions about the video or relationships of the video to class materials. In each guide you will find links to other resources in the text or at the end of the guide. Hopefully you'll take the time to look over the questions before coming to the video. We won't see all the videos listed below. These change semester by semester. Those not shown in class are also very good (or at least listed for a good reason) and are highly recommended.

White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men
In Whose Honor?
Savagery and the American Indian (Wilderness/ Civilization)
Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain (recommended only to go with To Protect Mother Earth)
To Protect Mother Earth
Make Prayers to the Raven:The Bible and the Distant Time Segment
Lighting the Seventh Fire
Contrary Warriors: A Story of the Crow
More Than Bows and Arrows
The Return of the Sacred Pole
Nagi Kicopi: Calling Back the Spirit
On and Off the Rez with Charlie Hill
Dances for the New Generation
Waćipi Powwow
Navajo Code Talkers: In Search of History


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Credits for "Mother" by Ulali from Mahk Jchi