Tentative Lecture, Reading and Exam Schedule 2014

Following is a loosely arranged lecture and reading assignment schedule.  Note well:  I reserve the right to change the schedule based on class needs, illness, additional guest speakers, or other factors. In fact, I can just about guarantee changes after Midterm!

 The following schedule is tentative and may be changed by the instructor based on assessment of class needs or interests. If a change will have an impact on deadlines, you will be given substantial notice. 

Your readings are keyed below by abbreviations as follows:

SW=Sacred Wisdom of the American Indians, EYW= Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians But Were Afraid to Ask, UP=Indians in Unexpected Places

OC=readings and other resources in OnCourse Resources, organized by week

Please notice that the class is organized around seven topics to cover in 30 classes over 16 calendar weeks (No class on Fall Break/Thanksgiving), thus each topic will be about two weeks in length, though some will be shorter or longer than others. The lectures listed are sometimes more than one class period long as noted. Readings are given by topic, not class period. Web lecture notes may cover more than one class period. Bold dates indicate assignments due or exams.

Some PowerPoints and/or lecture notes are linked through the topic title to the class web site.



Readings & Assignments

Week 1

Aug 26


A sensitive, desensitizing exercise on stereotyping and "factoids"

Video: Watch  "Bad Indians" by Ryan Red Corn (be sure to read the poem either on YouTube or in OnCourse Resources Week 1)

Week 1

Aug 28

TOPIC 1:  Creating Images; Recognizing Stereotypes; Considering Authenticity

 What's in a Name?

Readings: SW, pp. 6-7; pp. 8-31  EYW, pp. 1-14

Week 2

Sept 2

Race, Ethnicity, Stereotypes, and American Indians

Readings: EYW, pp.15-38;

Week 2

Sept 4

YouTube Indian Stereotypes activity

Readings: EYW, pp. 39-67; SW pp. 296-303 & 308-309

See assignment 1 on Week 2 OC Resources; YouTube Indians Stereotypes Assignments and Zimmerman Blog entry. 25 points  Due on September 12.

Week 3

Sept 9

In Whose Honor? and additional material (video shown in classroom)

 See video guide for film


Some web materials to read/watch





Some Comments on Indian Sports Mascots and In Whose Honor?

Presumptions and Portrayals: The Education of Charlene Teters

Read a range of opinions about the Washington Redskins controversy collected by Indian Country Today

And from the Onion, Report: Redskins’ Name Only Offensive If You Think About What It Means  (short, sad/funny parody)



Week 3

Sept 11

White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men (video shown in classroom)  See video guide

Readings: UP, whole book

Listen to Exposing Fraudulent Indians on Native America Callling OnCourse Resources Week 3

White Shamans, Plastic Medicine Men is also available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19JAMhAzXms

Week 4

Sept 16

Topic 2:  Indians as Objects of Study

Some Concerns and History about Studying Indian People

 Continue reading UP

Week 4

Sept 18

Recognizing and Understanding Diversity: Culture Areas, Diffusion, and Change Through Time

Assignment 1 Due by start of class

Readings: SW pp. 32-73


Start on  Assignment 2 discussed on Week 5 OnCourse Resources or OnCourse Assignments   Due on October 1

Week 5

Sept 23

Sept 12 lecture concluded.


Interlude 1: What’s so funny? Indian Humor

Readings: SW pp. 74-251; EYW, pp. 68-85




Some fun: The 1491s—I’m an Indian too, (Filmed at Indian Market, Santa Fe, 2012)

Week 5

Sept 25

Topic 3: American Indian Diversity from Prehistory to Colonization

Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 1

PowerPoint: comprehensive PowerPoint for  Sept 19-Oct 1 can be found in OnCourse Resources for Week 6

Week 6

Sept 30

Lost Civilizations of North America


5 Readings in OnCourse Resources Week 6 about this video

Week 6

Oct 2

Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 2

PowerPoint: comprehensive PowerPoint for  Oct  2-Oct 7 can be found in OC Resources for Week 6

Week 7

Oct 7


Assignment 2 Due by Start of Class

Week 7

Oct 9

Topic 4: Questions of Policy and the Impact of Colonization

The Indian Wars (video)

Reading: McDonald, J.D., Larry J. Zimmerman, A.L. McDonald, William Tall Bull, and Ted Rising Sun, 1991, The Cheyenne Outbreak of 1879: Using Archaeology to Document Northern Cheyenne Oral History. In R. Paynter and R. McGuire (eds.), The Archaeology of Inequality. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. pp. 64-78. OC Resources Week 8

Week 8

Oct 14

Interlude 2: Plains Indian Resistance to sites of conscience (PowerPoint available in OC Resources Week 8)

Exam 1 posted

Readings: Zimmerman, Larry, 2007. Plains Indians and Resistance to “Public” Heritage Commemoration of Their Pasts.’ In, Cultural Heritage and Human Rights. edited by H. Silverman and D. Fairchild Ruggles, Springer. pp. 144-158. OC Resources Week 8

Week 8

Oct 16

Culture Change and Reservation Life

Exam 1 due  


Read a  book  listed above in “Choose only one of the following:” category of readings  

Week 9

Oct 21

Fall Break

 Fall Break—No Class

Week 9

Oct 23



Week 10

Oct  28

Western Tribal Responses to Colonial Subjugation: Religious Salvation and Ideological Syncretism


Week 10

Oct 30

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding Schools (video)

 Readings: EYW, pp. 138-145

Week 11

Nov 4

The Matter of Treaties

Lighting the Seventh Fire (video)

Book Review due by start of Class





Week 11

Nov 6


Start on Assignment 3 as  discussed on Week 13 OnCourse Resources or OnCourse Assignments



Week 12

Nov 11

The Navajo Code Talkers (video)


Week 12

Nov 13

Topic 5: To the Seventh Generation...What the future holds for Indian Country

Indian Humor and On and off the Rez with Charlie Hill (video)

Readings: EYW, pp. 86-13; 146-164

Week 13

Nov 18

Traditional and Contemporary Music

Dances for the New Generation (video)


Week 13

Nov 20

Reel Injuns (video)

Representing Indians in Movies


Week 14

Nov 25

American Indian Activism and the Resurgence of Tribal Governments

 Assignment 3 due by start of class

Nov 27

No class



Week 15

Dec 2

Recovering the Spirit (video)

Readings: SW pp. 252-295

LJZ-AAA Washington DC

Week 15

Dec 4



LJZ-AAA Washington DC

Week 16 Dec 9



Week 16

Dec 11

Closing remarks: The future of Indian Country

Any late papers due, including book review. Some points will be deducted if late.

Final exam posted



Dec 16


Take home final due by 3 PM per official Final Exam schedule


Films/Videos: IMPORTANT

You will see several excellent videos or films which directly support the reading material and lectures. As planned, there will be 11 videos, so approximately 1/3 of the class periods. ThisGreat Serpent Mound just north of Cincinnati  means that I consider the material in the films to be important and content is testable. Films make especially good examples for essay exams.  You will find a study guide for some videos we see, linked from the class web site. Generally films/videos will be shown as listed on the schedule, but if there are changes, they will be announced at least one class period ahead. If you can, look at the video study guide before seeing the video. If you can’t, please look at it as soon as possible afterwards. Note well: You should take notes during films as you would during lectures; they are not being shown for entertainment. Some students believe that having seen a video in another class that is on the schedule for this one means that you understand it fully and don’t need to attend. I’ve seen some of these videos a dozen or more times and always find something new. Others think that they can watch the videos on their own on YouTube or Netflix, but the majority of them you just won’t find. It is possible to make up some of the videos should you miss by watching them in my office with prior arrangement.


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