Indians of North America

Anthropology A-560

Larry J. Zimmerman, PhD, RPA
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


Graduate Students Only

You will be going to lecture and doing some activities with the undergraduate, ANTH E-320 students, but expectations for you will be different. You share an OnCourse site but you will have separate weekly meetings starting around midterm with Dr. Zimmerman to discuss readings, especially Decolonizing Museums: Representing Native America in National and Tribal Museums by Amy Lonetree. Pay attention to this web page and the OnCourse site for issues and resources that pertain to your work for the class. I am especially concerned that you  have time to discuss any of the class materials with me. As graduate students more is expected of you and thus you may have need for more contact to clarify ideas raised in class.

You can do the 3 blog projects assigned to the undergraduates, but as a preferred alternative, please consider doing a single longer blog on a topic of keen interest to you, constructed more like a short research paper with citations and the like. Finished length is not the issue, but quality is key. It would be due at about the same time final papers are due for the undergrads, that is, about December 11th.

Feel free to raise issues related to the class at any time.


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Credit for Music: Blue Stone Project, Sacred Road. See their web site and hear more music!